Monday, October 31, 2016

Use Zira Furniture To Craft Elite Modern Executive Interiors

Global Zira Collection ReviewThe Global Zira collection has become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals. This extensive line of modular components makes it easy to craft elite modern interiors built for comfort, appeal, and functionality. Today on the blog, we'll spotlight this best selling furniture line and the key reasons why you should choose Zira for your executive office remodel!

Zira Office DeskStart with a desk! It's the main element of your workspace. When shopping for desks online, you'll first want to determine which size will fit best in your interior. Traditional sizes like 66" and 72" widths will be widely available from just about every reputable collection. That being said, you can do much more with Zira. There's far more sizes to choose from to help maximize your valuable square footage. Stylish Zira desks are available in both straight front and bow front variations with any combination of storage pedestals you can imagine. Needless to say, Zira is ready, willing, and able to help you craft exactly what you need with no settling necessary.

Zira Desk Extension with PedestalNeed a bit more operating space? No problem! As your personal needs increase, Zira is ready to help. By simply adding an extension to your existing Zira office desk you'll be able to avoid purchasing all new furniture for your interior. The modular capabilities of the Zira furniture line are truly unrivaled.

In addition to extension that create L shaped desk configurations, Zira bridges can be used to connect with credenzas to craft stylish U shaped executive workstations that are in a league of their own.

Zira Executive CredenzaZira Credenzas make a nice addition to any executive interior. Storage credenzas provide extra operating space as well as the organizing drawers needed to keep your important documents nice and neat. With Zira, you can select a cool matching credenza that's the same length as your desk to create a cohesive, professional vibe your valued visitors will love.

Zira Executive HutchWith a modern office furniture line this customizable and extensive, you might be wondering if Zira has any downside. In terms of laminate office furniture collections, we personally feel it's the best in the business. The only downside to Zira is that it takes 5 to 6 weeks to manufacturer. Thankfully, this pesky point can be overcome with a proper planning. If you want to utilize Zira for your project, prepare in advance with your dealer of choice. You'll be glad you did.

Global Zira Wardrobe CabinetIf you want to take your Zira executive office interior to the next level, consider integrating cool add-ons like low wall cabinets and overhead hutch units. You'll be adding valuable storage space while simultaneously enhancing corporate appeal.

This furniture line is perfect for the shopper who's looking to think outside the box. The possibilities are literally endless. Popular bookcases, wardrobe cabinets, and more can all be added to make your executive office the best it can be. All Zira products are available in more than 20 finish options including trend setting gray, white, and cherry tones. Frosted glass paneling, handle pull options, and edge detailing can all be selected by you and your designer to craft a furniture configuration that's ready to leave the competition in the dust.

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