Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Closer Look At The EEI-1531 Depict Chair from Modway

Modway Depict Chair Review
In our newest series we'll be taking an in-depth look at best selling office chairs from our favorite brands. Today, we're spotlighting the EEI-1531 model Depict chair from Modway. This stylish office chair provides exceptional appeal at a price point any shopper will appreciate. Let's see what else has made the depict chair a favorite of interior designers and industry professionals!

Depict Chair In GrayWhen checking out the Depict chair, we immediately noticed the cool back stitching pattern. It's modern without being too over the top. The chair back also contours at the top to avoid restricting upper body movement when operating. The curved lumbar area provides a nice boost of support when sitting naturally.

Cool Red Office ChairThe EEI-1531 Modway Depict chair is accented with really cool polished accents on the frame and base. The look of chrome is sure to pop in just about any professional setting imaginable.

Once seated in the Depict chair, users will be rewarded with a waterfall seat edge that helps take the pressure off of the knees while working. Chairs with a waterfall style seat have rapidly become the industry standard. They improve blood flow and really make a difference in both short and long term comfort.

Modway Depict Chair - Side ViewWe love that Modway has made the Depict series office chair available in 8 color options. Surprisingly, all of the color variations ship within 2 days of purchase. The gray office chair from the Depict collection is our personal favorite. It's classy and sophisticated tone makes it a great choice for both modern and traditional environments.

The Depict chair is an awesome option for modern conference room seating needs. If you're looking for a high quality ergonomic task chair with a long list of adjustable features, the EEI-1531 model office chair from Modway isn't your best option. This chair is made to maximize space, provide efficient comfort, and capitalize on the hottest design trends of 2016.

It's hard to believe this popular swivel chair is available for only $128.99 and even includes free shipping. Talk about value! There's conference chairs on the market that we find far less appealing and comfortable for more than 3 times the price. The Depict chair offers everything you'd expect in a high end conference chair at a fraction of the cost to the consumer.

Modway Depict Chair RatingWe give the Depict chair a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. It's missing a couple of ergonomic features we typically like to have for home office use. Other than that, the Depict offers a nice design and some really awesome colors that will allow your personal design tastes to shine. We'd love to see these chairs around a modern conference table. They'd help maximize seating potential and corporate appeal without breaking the bank.

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