Friday, November 4, 2016

November Favorites: Power Ready Conference Tables from Mayline

Mayline Powered Conference Furniture
When it comes to powered conference room furniture, nobody offers a more comprehensive selection than Mayline. While most of today's top brands provide expensive and overly complicated power tables, Mayline has made it their mission to simplify your high tech boardroom remodeling project. Today on November Favorites, we'll showcase the unbelievably versatile and user friendly conference tables from Mayline that have taken professional meeting areas by storm.

Mayline Medina Conference FurnitureFirst up, the tables from the Medina collection. As the hottest furniture line of 2016, starting with anything other than Medina would be a borderline crime. The curved end conference room tables with optional power modules from the Medina collection are incredibly affordable. The MNC8 model with 8' long top is currently available for just $505.99 in your choice of 5 trend setting finish options. The all new conference tables from the Medina collection can be effectively powered for just $235.00 per module. Now that's value!

Mayline TransAction Conference FurnitureIf you host regular presentations and group strategy sessions in your conference room, the tables from the Mayline TransAction series are the way to go. This line of rectangular, oval, and hybrid boat shaped conference tables is truly in a league of it's own. TransAction conference tables can be outfitted with advanced input options that include HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Audio, and much more.

Mayline Napoli Conference FurnitureBlend traditional elegance, modern functionality, and high tech performance with the tables from the Mayline Napoli collection. Rest assured, finding a power ready wood veneer conference room table is easier said than done. Thankfully, Mayline offers Napoli conference room tables in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space. Napoli tables can be upgraded with the addition of basic power modules that feature AC and Data inputs for improved meeting functionality.

Mayline Aberdeen Conference TableThe Mayline Aberdeen conference room furniture collection has become a favorite of design teams and industry professionals. Just this year, Aberdeen got a face lift with the addition of an all new gray finish options that's truly a must see. Aberdeen tables feature boat shaped operating surfaces that can be combine with factory installed power modules for streamlined meetings. In addition to ultra cool powered tables, Aberdeen provides conference room furniture shoppers with versatile accessories including folding white board cabinets, lecterns, and much more to complete your interior in style!

Brighton Conference Furniture from MaylineLast but certainly not least, budgeting businesses looking to remodel their conference room will absolutely love the tables and accessories from the Brighton collection. Brigthon offers full conference packages that include everything needed to fully outfit your interior from top to bottom with high quality furniture. Simply add chairs of your choosing and power modules to kick productivity into overdrive. The tables from the Mayline Brighton collection are available in 2 quick shipping finish options. These oval top conference tables are amongst the best boardroom buys of 2016.

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