Monday, November 14, 2016

Taking A Closer Look At The RFM Preferred Seating 4515 Tuxedo Chair

RFM Office Chair ReviewRFM Preferred Seating specializes in high quality office chairs that pack a major ergonomic punch. Their commitment to quality, comfort, and versatility in the workplace is unrivaled. Today on the blog we'll take an in-depth look at an RFM favorite, the 4515 model Tuxedo chair. Prepare to be impressed!

RFM Managers ChairThe 4515 Tuxedo series ergonomic swivel chair offers a modern look that's sure to impress your valued workplace visitors. Right off the bat we noticed the unique back cushion and thick seat. The natural contours make the Tuxedo chair feel modern without being too over the top.

We love that shoppers can choose between both fabric and leather upholstery options when designing their Tuxedo chair. It's nice that RFM chairs aren't just sitting on a shelf in a box, waiting to be purchased. These chairs are made specifically for their users to meet both style and ergonomic needs.

Rest assured, this is one Tuxedo that looks and feels great on any occasion! The 4515 chair can be used for both home and business computing. With a 300 pound weight rating, it's ready to accommodate almost any user. The naturally contoured back provides excellent upper and lower back support that any user will appreciate during those long days at the office.

Ergonomic Office Chair ReviewDesigned by Hector Coronado, the Tuxedo managers office chair by RFM is available in 3 different seat sizes to assist shoppers in their quest for a customized sit. While offered in an armless variation for $509.95, we recommend adding one of the 3 available arm styles from RFM to keep you computing at healthy angles. The RFM 25 A arms are our personal favorite and they're currently offered at a $60.00 up charge.

By industry standards, the Tuxedo chair is in the upper echelon of available models. We feel it's a bit pricey, but those who can afford the ergonomic investment will be rewarded with a reliable sitting experience for years to come.

Most of todays popular ergonomic office chairs are a bit difficult for the average chair user to operate. That's not the case with this Managers Chair from RFM Preferred Seating. The Tuxedo can be mastered inside of 30 minutes. This chair no doubt diminishes the ergonomic learning curve to have you sitting posture perfect without the headaches.

RFM Preferred Seating Tuxedo Chair RatingWith generous dimensions, a healthy weight rating, and user friendly ergonomic features, the 4515 model Tuxdo chair from RFM has earned it's self a 3.5 out of 5 star rating from our team. The ability to craft a customized office chair with the upholstery, seat size, and arms of your choosing is sure to help you avoid buyer's remorse. If the average chair just won't cut it, class up your interior with a Tuxedo that's sure to fit!

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