Tuesday, December 6, 2016

5 Products That Improved The Workplace In 2016

As December gets underway, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at 5 of the key products that changed the way we worked in 2016. From the Mayline Living chair to the Systematix Volante desktop riser, innovation was all around us. The best brands in the business lived up to their names and made it easier that ever to operate effectively.

1.) Mayline Living Chair

Mayline Living Chair

The Mayline Living chair is the perfect seating solution for any user looking to avoid the headaches associated without constantly adjusting their chair to find optimal comfort. This highly advanced swivel chair automatically responds to user movements to provide exceptional support in all the key areas. The Living series ergonomic office chair from Mayline is ready, willing, and able to revolutionize your work day. At just $406.99, it's also one of the best buys of the year.

2.) Ergo Contract Furniture ErgoFlex Monitor Arm

Ergo Contract Furniture Ergorise Monitor Arm with USB Ports

When know you're probably thinking "another monitor arm", but this ones different! The ErgoFlex arm from Ergo Contract Furniture is equipped with two surface level USB ports that make charging devices a breeze. Typically, monitor arms require a lot of wire routing retrofitting. This couldn't be further from the truth with the ErgoFlex. This handy articulating screen mount attaches in minutes and will improve usable desk space in no time. This high tech monitor arm is currently available with free shipping for $239.99.

3.) ESI Ergorise Station

While other brands are busy looking for ways to copy the latest ergonomic trends, the team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions is hard at work setting new ones in motion. Take one look at their all new Ergorise collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This high tech desk attachment can turn nearly any surface into a sit to stand workstation that promotes continuous movement in the workplace. The Ergorise station is perfect for training tables, personal workstations, classroom desks, and much more. This CLIMB2-SLV dual screen unit with keyboard platform is priced respectably at $553.80.

4.) Global Zira Powered Conference Tables

Zira Powered Conference Table

These days, buying a conference table without power is like throwing money away. Nearly every furniture manufacturer worth their weight is now offering some sort of powered table to help streamline your important boardroom gatherings. That being said, not all power tables are created equally. Those from the Zira collection reigned supreme in 2016. The powered tables from the Global Zira collection are available in a variety of sizes and unique finish combinations to help kick corporate appeal into overdrive. All Zira tables can be outfitted with factory installed modules equipped with USB, HDMI, and other awesome input options that will no doubt revolutionize your meetings.

5.) Systematix Volante Desktop Riser

Systematix Volante Desktop Riser

Last but not least, we present to you the Volante desktop riser from Systematix. This attachable sit to stand riser will turn just about any desk into an advanced ergonomic workstation that's ready for intensive work days. Known for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence in the workplace, the Systematix Volante unit is in a league of it's own. Sure comparable product are out there, but if you want the best, give the Volante your full attention. At $359.99, it's even more affordable! In the long run, the ability to switch from siting to standing positions while working will help you avoid extended sitting sessions that can actually shorten your lifespan! Needless to say, desktop risers like the Volante are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

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