Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Ways To Modernize Your Corporate Training Area

Training sessions are a must if you want to keep valued employees operating at peak performance levels. That being said, today's most respected office furniture and seating manufacturers are working hard to create next level operating solutions that streamline efficiency and productivity. Today we'll take a look at 5 innovative ways to modernize your group training at strategizing sessions. From utilizing modular tables to integrating sit to stand solutions, we're ready to kick training room versatility into overdrive.

Modular Flip Top Training Tables1.) Modular Tables

Modular training room tables are the way of the future. While fixed base tables will always have their place, if you really want to modernize your interiors and improve collaboration, flip top training tables with mobilized bases are the only way to go. They make it easy to create unique configurations that are ready, willing, and able to adapt at a moments notice. Popular modular training table collections like Mesa from OFM are a must consider for your modern makeover.

Modern Nesting Chair for Training Room Use2.) Nesting Chairs

Guest comfort is always top priority. If you can integrate comfortable training room seating that saves space, your interior will be ahead of the curve. The ability to nest chairs along perimeter walls when not in use will make your modern training room easy to clean. Popular nesting chairs like the Flip from Eurotech provide exceptional value. At just $290.00 you'll be rewarded with a 2 pack of training room chairs that instantly improve operational functionality.

Power Ready Training Room Tables3.) Power Modules

It's all about powered workplace solutions in 2016. Once considered an expensive luxury, the price of power modules and powered furniture has come down extremely over the last 2 years. The ability to daisy-chair powered training tables together will help your new learners operate laptops and devices without the need to hunt down elusive power outlets. Popular power ready training tables from Global Total Office are the way to go if you're looking to modernize your space. The flip top nesting tables from their 2gether collection will help you create a cutting edge powered training room that's ready for anything you can throw at it.

Training Room with Television4.) Flat Screens

The days of wheeling in that squeaky "multi media" cart need to come to an end. A wall mounted flat screen is the premier alternative. Around the holiday season you should be able to pick up a sizable LED television and an attachable wall mount for less than $700.00. If you don't want to mount a TV to your training room wall, you can go with a modernized wall cabinet like the the Z36M8MCL from the Global Zira collection. It's still a far better option than that old school metal cart with vintage TV.

5.) Sit To Stand Solutions

Dual Screen Sit To Stand Workstation with Keyboard TraySit to stand solutions pack a major ergonomic punch. Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? Create a healthy modern training room with the integration of sit to stand keyboard trays, desks, and more. While sit to stand desks are a bit pricey, you can retrofit a few of your training tables far more affordably with units like the Volante from Systematix. At just $359.99, you'll wonder how you ever lived without this office accessory. In addition, popular sit to stand screen mounts with keyboard trays like the Ergorise from ESI will also help you modernize your training area while simultaneously boosting productivity, versatility, and efficiency.

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