Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Discount Design: 5 Office Chairs Under $300 That Follow Today's Hottest Trends

Modway Push Executive ChairYou don't have to break the bank to create cool office interiors that are up to date with 2016's hottest trends. In fact, spending a fortune on new chairs is kind of silly! Sure the most expensive chairs on the market are cool, but there's likely a similar product out there for a third of the price that doesn't lack in terms of quality. That's where we come in! While we love high end seating, we also take great pride in helping our shoppers design awesome work environments that don't break the bank.

Take the EEI-1062 model Push chair from Modway for example. It boasts design characteristics similar to a popular chair that shall remain nameless that's priced well over two thousand bucks. That being said, it's hard to believe the EEI-1062 mid century modern executive chair is available for just $224.99. Worried about quality? Don't be! This exceptional seating solution from Modway is built to last and ready to rock your executive interior in 5 quick shipping color options.

Gray Leather Office ChairCombining a ribbed back, chrome accents, and gray leather upholstery will no doubt have you sitting in a trendy chair. These three attributes have become incredibly popular in 2016. To capitalize on all three without breaking the bank, we recommend the Woodstock Marketing Hendrix chair. Named after Jimi himself, this segmented cushion gray leather office chair is an absolute winner. With memory foam cushions and vinyl backing, the Hendrix provides an unrivaled combination of comfort and durability.

Heated Office Chair with Massage FeatureExecutives shopping for a new chair in 2016 are falling in love with massaging models to help them achieve pampered operating during stressful days at work. That being said, a well made massaging executive chair with heated seat can cost thousands. Thankfully, OFM has made it affordable to jump on board with this trend for just $249.99. Their ESS-6035 model massage chair from the Essentials seating collection is an absolute bargain buy that doesn't lack in terms of comfort, quality, and support.

Coastal tones are hot in 2016. Light blues, off white, and greens have been commonly utilized to create beachy office interiors. To capitalize on the coastal movement, we recommend affordable office chairs like the LE822 model from the Eurotech Seating Europa collection. This white leather office chair priced at $222.50 offers European design characteristics with a touch of retro flair to create one of the coolest coastal chairs on the market. The LE822 Europa chair is perfect for modern boardroom, conference, and executive home office applications.

Offices To Go SeatingLast but not least, no article on trendy office chairs would be complete without showcasing at least one mesh back model! Today's top of the line mesh back swivel chairs come with hefty price tags. While originally marketed by manufacturers as a cost effective alternative to leather, modern mesh back chairs have become just as expensive due to demand. That being said, you can still find awesome mesh chair buys from reputable brands like Offices To Go. Their all new 11980B model high back mesh office chair is currently available for just $227.99 and can be customized in a variety of really nice seat color options. We absolutely love the 11980B chair with the Pebbles Rhapsody seat shown here. This burgundy tone pairs perfectly with the black mesh back to create a stunning office chair that's guaranteed to keep your interior up to date and ahead of the curve for years to come.

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