Friday, December 16, 2016

How To Create A Cool Coastal Office Interior

How To Create A Coastal Office Interior
The coastal look is hot! That being said, to create beach vibes with your office remodel, you'll need a little help from today's most popular furniture brands. In addition to the awesome product suggestions provided in today's post, we'll also be highlighting design tips that promote a coastal feel your office visitors will love. Prepare to be impressed!

Those looking to create a coastal office interior will want to start by selecting a color palette. Trending coastal tones like light blues, bright greens, whites, and grays are the way to go. Nearly every reputable manufacturer on the planet is now offering coastal upholstery options as well as beachy furniture finishes that will no doubt take your project over the top.

Coastal Gray Furniture FinishOnce committed to a color palette, you'll be ready to start planning out your configuration. This step is absolutely essential. You can never be too careful when it comes to space planning. Take accurate dimensions of your space. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your furniture fits. There's nothing worse than purchasing all new office furniture only to find that it doesn't fit properly. Ouch!

Now it's time to select a desk! As the main focal point of your space, the desk you choose says a lot about your design theme. This year, brands like Mayline are making it easy to create coastal executive interiors. Their textured driftwood office desks from the Sterling collection are a must consider!

Coastal Writing DeskThose tackling coastal inspired home remodeling projects will want to check out the mid century modern writing desk models from Modway. These desks with beach flair are absolutely stunning and surprisingly affordable.

Modern Task ChairAfter you've settled on a desk, it's time to pick a chair to match. If you've gone with a gray wood office furniture finish, selecting a green chair will really make your space stand out. We love the 402W Oroblanco computer chair from the iDesk seating collection. This comfy swivel chair will really stand out with it's complimenting gray mesh back. Attractive seat color options are available like Celedon to rock your coastal remodel!

White Leather Ribbed Back Office ChairIf you're going for a more upscale executive feel, a leather office chair will likely be needed. To stick with your theme, we recommend the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing. In white leather, this trendy ribbed back chair will earn your coastal interior the positive compliments it deserves. Ribbed back office chairs like the Joplin have been incredibly hot in 2016. They offer European flair and the sleek characteristics needed to maximize operating space around the desk without sacrificing comfort. Chairs like the Joplin can also be found in coastal upholstery options like gray, brown, and red leather!

Last but certainly not least, no coastal office interior would be complete without cool accessories! Start by visiting your local flea markets, thrift stores, and swap meets. You'll likely find vintage coastal decor that's unique and won't break the budget.

Consider cool wall art, metal lighting fixtures, and sea glass colored vases for your space. Once you've added a few cool conversation pieces, further round out your interior with white linen curtains. Bring in a bit of the outdoors with a mini palm tree planted in a coastal pot. Before you know it, you'll have an awesome coastal work space that's nothing short of inspiring!

In the long run, a coastal interior can be created efficiently and effectively without breaking the budget. You just need to know where to look! We recommend brands like Mayline, Modway, and Woodstock Marketing as they always focus on products that key in on the hottest trends.

As the coastal movement continues to thrive, don't be afraid to think ouside the box with your makeover. If you're not finding new products to utilize in your makeover, don't rule out crafting your own furniture. Salvaged wood and a little DIY practice will have you on the path to remodeling success!

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