Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How To Throw An Awesome Office Christmas Party

How To Throw An Office Christmas Party
Are you prepping for an upcoming office Christmas party? You're in the right place! Today on the we're taking a break from design tips and furniture reviews to provide you with the advice needed to throw a rocking corporate event. From our team to yours, have a fun and safe Holiday.


Beach Office Christmas Party Theme IdeasFirst things first, you need to select a theme! Skip "Nutcracker Christmas" and go with something a bit more fun. We've batted themes around with our team and came up with a few we think you'll love.
  • Margarita Christmas is pretty self explanatory. We actually expanded on an idea we got from an episode of 'The Office'. Have everybody wear sombreros and break out the blender. You can spice things up a bit more with a "Best Margarita" contest. Give the winner a $20.00 gift certificate to your best local Mexican restaurant. Load up a piƱata and you're ready to roll. Just make sure to be responsible!
  • You might also consider keeping things a bit more traditional. The "classic" Christmas theme can be far from boring with a little decorating ingenuity. Grab a few sets of antlers to dress your offie chairs up as reindeer. Turn the office reception area into Santa's village. Finding ideas for the classic Christmas theme is super easy with social sharing sites like Pinterest.
  • We also love the idea of a beachy Christmas. Pick up a couple palm trees and sub them in for the traditional Christmas pine. Have everyone dress up in coastal attire and mix up a few boat drinks. This is another theme that's easy to pull off and super fun!

Once you've settled on a theme, it's time to figure out the food! If you want your office Christmas party to be a success, you'll need tasty treats. We recommend catering the main course and sides. Then have your team do a pot luck with the deserts. They're the best part anyway. Having the main items catered will reduce the stress involved with planning process. Typically 20 people throwing in $10.00 each will be more than enough. When it comes to throwing a great office party, the food is typically the easiest part.


It's typically hard to get your team involved in Christmas related games during an office party. That being said, if the games are fun, they'll be far more likely to join in. We recommend giant Jenga. You can purchase a set on line for pretty cheap. To play effectively, you'll likely need to move around a few office desks and workstations for optimal space.

Office Christmas GiftsYou can also bring up a few tailgating games. There's nothing wrong with washer toss or corn hole! The classic games that don't require a bunch of rules are typically the most enjoyable at office parties. While White Elephant and Secret Santa are classic, they require more work up front that's typically going to be met with resistance. Remember, the less stress the better. It's sad but true, your party will likely be super fun if you don't require much from the employees.


Gifts aren't a requirement, but they are a nice way to spread a little Christmas cheer. We recommend putting a $10.00 max budget. You can turn gifts into "awards" or go with one of the classic games mentioned above if you feel your coworkers are up for it. When it comes to gifts, it's really the thought that counts. You won't be blowing anybody away with a $10.00 item, but at least they'll know you care. If you're coworkers are hard to buy for, create a "gag gift only" rule to keep things light and funny.

Final Thoughts

Don't get fooled into thinking you need a ton of adult beverages to host a great party. In the long run, responsibility is far more important. Having fun with your coworkers is really about team bonding and morale. Keep things simple, light, and as stress free as possible. This way you're able to kick off the new year on the right track.

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