Thursday, January 19, 2017

6 Ways To Kick Corporate Comfort Into Overdrive In 2017

Don't let 2017 be another year that good ergonomic habits are forgotten! Commit to comfort and performance to ensure peak productivity levels. We've got 6 new ways to help you do just that. The ergonomic tips, tricks, and advice highlighted here today will have you at your best in no time. If you want to take corporate comfort to the next level, put these helpful strategies in to effect.

1.) Type Smart

How To Type Healthy

The longer you allow yourself to settle for bad habits, the harder they'll be to break. If you're still looking down to type, the odds are you've been doing it for years. It's time to make a change. Take a typing class with a few of your coworkers. You'll be improving relationships while improving your computing skills. Once you learn how to effectively type without looking down, you'll wonder how you ever got by before. To take the next step, integrate an articulating ergonomic keyboard tray from a brand like Systemix. They offer a wide range of angle and height adjustments that will help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. They also increase useable desk space!

2.) Raise Your Screens

Properly Raised Computer Monitors

If you're computer screens are below eye level, you're looking down while working and increasing the risk of neck pain that can lead to serious problems over the course of your life in the office. Have no fear, this ones an easy fix! The professionals will always recommend a dual screen monitor mount and in fact, they're correct. It is the best way to promote healthy and comfortable computing. However, there's a cheaper fix. If funds are tight, don't settle for discomfort. Raise those computer screens up with a stack of books. If you're going for a more professional look, consider covering a shoebox in flat black wrapping paper to slide by undetected in your workspace. In the long runs, corporate appeal is important, but it's no substitute for healthy, comfortable operating.

3.) Trust Your Office Chair

How To Use Your Office Chair

Even the most advanced ergonomic office chair is only as good as it's owner. You have to take the time to get to know your chair and it's features to fully take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Start with a quick refresher course. Bust out the manual that it came with and give it a read. Next, see if there's a demo video available on the web. Last but certainly not least, familiarize yourself with your chair mechanism and the levers located on it. You need to commit their functions to memory. Don't think you'll be operating comfortably throughout tough days at the office by taking a "set it and forget it" approach to office comfort. You have to be ready, willing, and able to adapt at a moments notice. And that means you need to master your chair and trust its features!

4.) Practice Proper Feet Placement

Proper Sitting Posture

Using the base of your chair as a foot rest will reduce blood flow. When blood flow is reduced, cramping and fatigue are ready to strike. Sadly, this common habit can be hard to break. That being said, it's not impossible. Make a conscious effort to sit in your swivel chair with your feet flat on the ground a facing forward. While it might seem minor, over long periods of time it makes a major difference in terms of corporate comfort and efficiency.

5.) Make A Posture Chart

Office Chair Posture Tips

Having trouble remember all those office posture tips needed to stay comfy? You're not alone! That's why many healthcare professions recommend creating a list of posture tips and posting them within eye sight of your computer screen. Essentially, studies have shown that by seeing the tips regularly, you'll be subconsciously tricking yourself into using them. We think it's definitely worth a try in 2017!

6.) Sit To Stand

Sit To Stand Desk Attachment

You need to stand up from your office workstation at least once ever 30 minutes to stretch out those muscles. When you sit and work for long periods of time, your posture and performance suffers. To stay fresh and comfy, stand up! If getting away from your desk every 30 minutes isn't realistic, have no fear. Today's top ergo product manufacturers have you covered. In 2017, sit to stand desk top attachments are being heavily relied upon by ultra busy workers looking to remain healthy despite their task filled days. Popular desk top risers like the Volante from Systematix promote continuous movement in the workplace while simultaneously reducing strain. We highly recommend giving one a try! It's yet another product you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

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