Friday, January 13, 2017

7 Tips For Healthy Office Operating In 2017

How To Be Healthy At Work In 2017Operating efficiently and effectively in the office will have you at peak performance levels in no time.  To do so, you have to remain healthy. That being said, we're here to help you do just that! With the tips, advice, and product suggestions highlighted here today you'll be on your way to an awesome 2017. Enjoy!

1.) Get Plenty of Rest

It all starts with a good nights rest. If you arrive at the office physically exhausted and drained from the prior nights activities, you'll be on your way to a groggy work day that's far from productive. Make a resolution to get a full 8 hours in 2017. Committing to a healthy sleep schedule is an absolute must. Don't stay up all night eating unhealthy snacks and watching movies. Save that stuff for the weekend!

2.) Eat Healthy

When you get up from your full nights rest, start the day off with a healthy breakfast. Replace the pancakes and syrup with a hearty bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fresh fruit. Coffee is okay, but don't over do it. When lunch time arrives, steer clear of the dreaded cheeseburger. Instead, grab a salad and eat it outside in the fresh air. You'll return to your workstation feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the the day's remaining tasks.

3.) Make A Posture Chart

Proper posture is a must. Sitting incorrectly for extended periods of time will reduce blood flow. When the blood stops properly flowing, fatigue and strain begin to set in. They're productivity killers. Sit healthy and commit to good posture as much as possible. We know it's hard to remember a long list of posture tips during busy work days. That's why we recommend creating a tip chart. Here's a few to add to yours...

  • Keep Feet Flat On The Ground And Facing Forward
  • Don't Use The Base of The Office Chair As A Foot Rest
  • Keep Your Computer Screen At Eye Level
  • Don't Look Down To Type
  • Keep Back In Contact With Chair At All Times
  • Don't Hunch Forward Over The Keyboard Tray To Type

4.) Use Your Ergonomic Tools

All too often we see workers purchase popular ergonomic office accessories only to leave them unused and acting as giant paper weights. Don't allow yourself to fall into this category. Instead, take the time to master your ergonomic tools and their benefits. If you have a dual screen monitor arm, make sure you keep up raised to eye level. If you've invested in a fancy ergonomic swivel chair, read the manual and commit it's functions to memory so that you're ready, willing, and able to adjust at a moments notice. The proper understanding and use of your ergonomics tools will have you operating healthy and efficiently during even the most difficult days.

5.) Take Short Breaks

No matter the situation, you need to force yourself to take a short 5 to 10 minute break once an hour. Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? Make it a habit to stand up, stretch out those muscles, walk around, and allow your eyes to readjust once per hour. It's smart. It's healthy. And you'll be all the better for it.

6.) Stay Hydrated

Are you drinking enough water throughout the work day? To be healthy and at your best in the office, you've gotta stay hydrated. This tip is simple, but it's overlooked far too often. When you don't drink enough water, fatigue rears its ugly head to derail your work day. So... Drink up!

7.) Get To Know Your Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. It's your main source of support. It's absolutely essential that you get to know your office chair. Are you comfortable with all your chair's features now? You should go through them once per month to ensure they're working properly. Those who take a "set it and forget it" approach to office chair comfort seldom find themselves comfortable and healthy throughout the day. Bust out your chair manual, watch a demo video on YouTube, and master the perfect sit in 2017.

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