Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chair Compare: Jive vs. Finesse

Modway Chair Comparison
Modway specializes in the provision of high quality office chairs that won't break the bank. With a plethora of trend setting styles, it can certainly be difficult to choose which model is right for your makeover project. That's where we come in! Today on Chair Compare we're taking a look at the Jive and Finesse seating collections to see which reigns supreme.

Modway Jive ChairRound 1: Style

Both the Jive and Finesse seating collections from Modway fall squarely inline with 2016's hottest trends. With a blast of mid century and a touch of modern ergonomics, these striking chairs are a sight for sore eyes. You'll notice Modway used many of the same distinctive style cues on both of these popular lines. With polished chrome accents and ribbed backs, you really can't go wrong with either chair. Round 1 is a tie!

Finesse ChairRound 2: Features

If you're going for an overly ergo chair with extensive adjustment features, the Jive and Finese models from Modway aren't your best bet. While effective, they don't offer many of the standard features found on today's taskers. The features found on the Jive and Finesse chairs are more suited for conference room comfort. The Jive chair features a waterfall seat edge, a natural lumbar support, arched 5 star base, and padded arm rests. The EEI-1534 Finesse chair boasts attractive polished arms, but they don't feature the pads you'll enjoy on the Jive. In addition, the Finesse chair features a fully integrated seat and back while the Jive offers a segmented design. We personally prefer the segmented design as it won't catch debris and makes for more even weight distribution. This round goes to the Jive!

Modway Jive Chair Side ViewRound 3: Applications

The Jive chair is great for conference and boardroom seating needs. Its attractive ribbed back look and chrome features will help earn your meeting area the compliments it deserves. The Finesse chair is also an excellent option for conference settings. With both chairs coming in 8 color variations, creating a unique vibe in your conference room is surprisingly simple. Round 3 is also tie!

Round 4: Price

Finesse Chair Back ViewThe budget is always important! More and more design teams and shoppers are turning to Modway as their chairs provide unrivaled value without sacrificing quality. The EEI-273 Jive mid back swivel chair is a great deal at $158.99. That being said, with so many similar features the Finesse is an even better buy at $148.99. While the ten dollar difference is minimal, the Finesse has won it's first round of today's chair compare.

Modway Jive Chair In RedRound 5: Comfort

It all comes down to the sit! Comfort reigns supreme when selecting an office chair. As back support and operational functionality are a preference we had 10 individuals sit in both the Jive and Finesse chair. With a 6 to 4 victory, the Jive chair has taken round 5. Testers found that the Jive chair's armrests and wider based worked together to provide a more reliable sitting experience.

Round 6: Winner

In a close battle, the Jive chair has found itself on top. The Modway Finesse ribbed back leather conference chair was a formidable opponent, but the Jive won the all important sit test. Remember, when selecting your chair, style is important. But when it comes down to two models you really enjoy, let comfort be the deciding factor.

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