Friday, January 20, 2017

Office Design Advice: 6 Fading Trends To Avoid

Office Design Advice 2017
To craft a cutting edge office interior, you'll need to know which trends to follow and which to avoid. That's where we come in! Today on Office Design Advice we're taking a look at 6 fading trends you'll want to steer clear of. We'll also provide you with alternative suggestions designed to make your space more up to date and versatile. Enjoy!

1.) Black Office Chairs

They'll always have their place, but there's certainly better and more popular options out there on the market. A simple black office chair will do very little to enhance corporate appeal. When compared to hot color options like red, white, and gray, black office chairs provide very little pop. Add a bit of flair and personality to your interiors by showing a some design ingenuity. Skip the black, it's been done. Spice things up with trendy fabric and leather upholsteries. We recommend the gray and red leather office chairs from Woodstock Marketing. With a blast of mid century appeal, they'll earn your interiors the compliments they deserve.

2.) Panel Furniture Configurations

It's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional panel furniture configurations. They make interiors feel bulky, private, and closed off. If you're ready to kick those old school cubicles to the curb, we recommend going with an open concept desk configuration from a brand like Global Total Office. Their cutting edge Zira stations promote collaboration and modern appeal like non other.

3.) Rectangular Conference Tables

The classic rectangular shape is still okay for traditionally inspired conference room remodeling projects. However, those looking to modernize their meeting areas will want to check out elliptical and boat shaped tables in 2017. They're far more fashionable. Sadly, rectangular conference tables are starting to become a bit boring. The sleek elements of a boat shaped table will do wonders for the vibe of your boardroom.

4.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Trays

Sit to stand keyboard trays are being rapidly replaced with desk top risers in 2017. Once the preferred solution for workers looking to avoid extended sits, they're now becoming obsolete. Today's sit to stand desk top risers are far more efficient. Why you ask? Because they're just as affordable and simultaneously raise your monitors as well. With a sit to stand keyboard tray, you'll be able to work standing up of course. That being said, you'll likely still be looking down at your computer screens. This is unhealthy! You need to keep your computer screens at eye levels to avoid neck strain and visual fatigue. We recommend checking out the Volante sit to stand desktop attachment from Systematix. It's cost effective, extremely well made, and installs on almost any work surface in under 30 minutes.

5.) Traditional Cherry Finishes

It's all about gray and white office furniture in 2017. Traditional tones like cherry are seldom available on today's top collections. Sure Cherry finishes are classic, but they lack the wow factor needed to truly impress your valued visitors. An inspired makeover project centered around contemporary gray wood office furniture from a collection like Sterling from The Mayline Group will help you create a cool coastal vibe that impresses even the harshest critics.

6.) Overstuffed Executive Chairs

It's as simple as this, bulky office chairs take up too much space. Those overly cushioned pillow top surfaces aren't exactly ergonomically correct either. This year you'll see top seating manufactures like Eurotech sticking to sleek designs that maximize square footage and operating space without sacrificing comfort. At first glance, you may be thinking a sleek office chair lacks support. We encourage you to give one a try in person. You'll be pleasantly surprised. The world of modern ergonomic chair manufacturing has come a long ways in the last 3 years.

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