Friday, January 27, 2017

What's New? Sterling Height Adjustable Executive Desks From Mayline!

Mayline Sterling Office Furniture
Mayline is ringing in the new year in a big way! The all new executive desks with height adjustable bridges from the Sterling collection are making it easier than ever to create elite ergonomic interiors. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the components, finishes, and attributes that have made Sterling desks the premier option for modern interiors.

Ergonomic Executive DeskThe Sterling collection was one of the hottest lines of 2016. That being said, it will no doubt continue it's dominance with the addition of new height adjustable bridges. As sitting for long periods of time can be damaging to your health, it's absolutely essential to promote continuous movement in the workplace.

The ability to switch from sitting to standing positions will help improve blood flow while simultaneously reducing fatigue that's caused from extended chair operating sessions. If taking short breaks aren't realistic during hectic work days, these new ergonomic workstations from the Sterling collection are a must consider.

Height Adjustable Desk BridgePopular new configurations like the STL37H2 have everything you need to go ergo with your remodeling project. This ergonomic executive office desk with sit to stand bridge is built for modern appeal and productivity. At $2447.99, it's priced respectably when compared to non ergonomic workstations from competing brands. It begs the question, "why not give a sit to stand desk a try"?

As an added bonus, all of the new Mayline Sterling desks with height adjustable bridges are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you're up against a tight makeover deadline,  you're most certainly in luck.

Sterling Textured Driftwood FinishLooking to keep your interiors up to date with the latest trends? No problem! The Mayline executive office workstations from the Sterling collection are available in hot new finish options like Textured Driftwood that make it easy to craft coastal inspired interiors with modern flair.

We simply can't say enough good things about the new sit to stand desks from the Sterling collection. They are taking 2017 by storm. If you're ready to think outside the box and commit to ergonomics, they are ready, willing, and able to meet your needs. Don't settle for ordinary furniture. Invest in productivity with a height adjustable Sterling station. You'll be glad you did.

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