Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How To Select The Best Ergonomic Desk Chair In 2017

How To Select The Best Office Chair In 2017Selecting the right office chair can be tough. There's literally thousands of available models on the market that all claim to be the best for your back. Lucky for you, we're here to help! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll teach you the best brands and features to look for in an ergonomic desk chair. If you're ready to sit superior in 2017, rest assured you're in the right place.

1.) Analyze Your Seating Needs

First things first, you need to take the time to analyze your personal seating needs. Make a list of things that you do and don't like about your current chair. Be sure to take note of the factors that are keeping you from operating at your best. Determine why you're in need of a new chair and what's making you uncomfortable. If you're having trouble, don't be afraid to ask the pros for guidance. You can also meet with your healthcare specialist do discuss your individual needs for superior posture.

2.) Brands You Can Trust

Not all office chairs are created equal. When shopping for a new office chair, you have to be wary of cheap imitations and knock offs that aren't built to last. With a huge selection of available chairs on the market in 2017, we've decided to give you few can't miss brands to start your search with.

  • Eurotech Seating: Custom ergonomic office chairs in mesh and leather that offer modern appeal and high end adjustable features
  • Global Total Office: Made to order ergonomic task and swivel chairs for just about every application imaginable. Global offers some of the most cutting edge office chairs on the market.
  • Offices To Go: Affordable office chairs in mesh and leather variations that provide exceptional comfort without breaking the budget.
  • RFM Preferred Seating: High quality ergonomic chairs that promote healthy posture and keep their users sitting pretty during those tough days at the office.

3.) The Chair Is Only As Good As The Owner

In truth, the office chair is only as good as the owner. To get the most out of any chair, you have to master its features. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you spend a thousand bucks on a top of the line desk chair for your space that you'll be instantly comfortable. Part of the selection process involves self reflection. What features do you really need? Which ones will you really use? Doing a little research before purchasing goes a long way. In many cases, you can find an exceptional chair priced well below five hundred bucks that's easy to use and perfect for your body type.

4.) Read Reviews

It's an absolute must to read shopper reviews before making an office chair purchase. In the modern age of the internet, you can find reliable reviews on just about any product out there. We highly recommend using a comparison shopping engine. When on the hunt for the perfect ergonomic desk chair you'll be able to quickly sort products by price. As an added bonus, reviews are also listed right by the products. They are there to help you. Put them to use!

5.) Watch Demo Videos

Much like reviews, demo videos are also incredibly beneficial for chair shoppers. Start your search on YouTube once you've found a few chairs that have struck your fancy. If you can't find a video on YouTube, contact the manufacturer directly. They should be happy to help. If they're not, there's probably a reason for it. Continue your search until you can be fully confident in the chair your purchasing and the manufacturer it's coming from.

6.) Shop For Value

Everybody loves a great deal! Shopping for value and finding it is incredibly rewarding. Anybody can rush out and buy the most expensive chair on the market. That being said, those who end the shopping mission with a value buy are typically the most satisfied.

When it comes to office chairs there's lot's of great ways to maximize your budget. The fastest is to contact your dealer by phone. While testing their customer service skills, you'll also be able to inquire about current specials they may be running. Coupons, free shipping promotions, and bulk discounting opportunities are very common in the seating world. Those who ask, typically get a great deal.

7.) Pay Attention To The Features

Style is important. We understand that you wan't to purchase a cool office chair that will impress your office guests. However, features reign supreme. Strive to find a chair with features that aren't overly complicated. If you're frustrated with how a chair operates, you'll likely give up on it and find yourself settling for discomfort. To help ya out, we've provided a list of features to keep in mind.

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Knee Tilt Mechanism
  • Waterfall Seat Edge
  • Headrest
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Pneumatic Cylinder

If adjusting regularly to get comfortable sounds like a drag, you can always shop for "smart chairs". This new industry craze is rapidly becoming the standard in the seating world. Innovative smart chairs from top brands (like the ones provided above) take the guess work out of getting comfy. They boast self adjusting features that require little ergonomic knowledge to find healthy operating positions. With weight sensing mechanisms and auto responding attributes, a smart chair might just be your best option. Here's a few to consider...

  • Arti Chair by Global Total Office
  • iOO Chair by Eurotech Seating
  • Living Chair by Mayline
  • Verte Chair by RFM Preferred Seating

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