Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Office Chair Reviews: Karizma Seating Collection by Global

Global Karizma Chair ReviewWhen the average office chair just won't get the job done right, ergonomic enthusiasts turn to the custom seating solutions crafted by Global Total Office. This industry leader specializes in the provision of high quality chairs that are built with intensive work days in mind. Today we'll take an in-depth look at one of Global's most popular lines, Karizma. These upscale office chairs are nothing short of impressive!

Global Karizma Series Modern Office ChairsStyle:

The Karizma seating collection is distinctively modern. These top of the line office chairs designed by Zooey Chair are sure to make your interiors pop. With an abundance of similar chair styles flooding the market, Karizma is a breath of fresh air. With unique contours and and wide sweeping arms, the Karizma is perfect for modern interiors. All of the chairs from the Karizma collection can be upholstered in an abundance of fabric and leather textiles from mild to wild!

High End Office ChairsErgonomics:

Karizma office chairs simplify the sitting experience. With advanced ergonomic mechanisms, the Karizma is able to automatically respond to body movements to provide exceptional support. If you're tired of adjusting tension knobs and pulling various levers to achieve comfort int he workplace, Karizma is the perfect solution. While lacking the adjustable arms found on most of today's best chairs, Karizma makes up the deficit with its well padded seat and natural lumbar support. The chair backrest is attached using 3 elastomeric bushings located in the middle of the lumbar area. The level of support provided by the Karizma chair is truly special.

Upscale Office ChairsApplications:

High back and extended high back office chairs from the Karizma collection are available in 2017. Both variations are perfectly suited for conference and boardroom applications. In addition, the Karizma chair makes a real statement in executive office settings. If you're a CEO in search of a superior seating solution, Karizma is an excellent option. With a lack of adjustable height arms, Karizma isn't the idea option for intensive tasking environments. All things considered, it's still incredibly versatile.


Karizma chairs are available starting at $575.99. This 2761-4 model high back Karizma chair from Global features a fabric upholstery. Leather models like the 2760-4LM are only slightly more expensive at $618.99. Additional fabric and leather options are available at various price points. Personally, we prefer the mock leather blend option as it offers the same feel and durability of leather at a cost effective price point.


Karizma Chair RatingAfter a thorough review, we feel comfortable awarding the Karizma collection a 4 out of 5 star rating. The auto responding features really steal the show. That said, the lack of adjustable arms on a chair priced this high is definitely a downside that warranted a full star deduction. Overall, the Karizma is well suited for high end interiors. They provide excellent seat and back support. We love the modern vibe and wide range of upholster options. These chairs are an interior designer's dream!

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