Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5 Ways To Ergo-fy Your Personal Workspace

Ergonomic Office InteriorsCreating a well rounded ergonomic office interior will ensure productivity and comfort throughout task filled work days. Today on the blog, we'll highlight 5 ways to do just that. From user friendly office chairs to adjustable sit to stand desktop risers, the product suggestions provided here will have you at your best in no time. Enjoy!

1.) Purchase A User Friendly Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair. If your office computer chair isn't getting the job done, analyze your areas of personal discomfort and work with a professional to select a user friendly chair that's more suited for your individual needs.

Not all office chairs are created equal. You need to beware of cheap knock offs and imitations. We recommend investing in a chair that's well reviewed online from a reputable brand like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, or Cherryman.

Dual Monitor ArmThis year it's all about user friendly office chairs that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. You don't wan't to invest a lot of money in a chair that looks cool, but is too difficult to adjust regularly. Instead, you want an advanced office chair that takes the guess work out of finding posture perfect operating positions. New "smart chairs" like the Arti from Global Total Office automatically respond to user movements to ensure top notch support without the need for constant lever pulling and tension knob twisting.

2.) Utilize A Dual Monitor System

Two monitor arms are better than one! If you want to ergo-fy your personal workspace, you'll need to kick that factory computer monitor base to the curb. Make the switch to a dual screen grommet or clamp on monitor arm system to create more usable desk space and unrivaled versatility. In addition to cutting down on the time spent flipping between tabs, a 2 screen mount will allow you to set your monitors to the correct height to avoid neck strain and visual fatigue.

Articulating Keyboard Tray3.) Integrate An Articulating Keyboard Tray

Are you still working with your keyboard tray atop your desk surface? Ouch! Rest assured, there's a better way. With an articulating keyboard tray mounted on retractable glides you'll be able to reclaim all that surface space while simultaneously promoting healthy typing angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A retractable keyboard tray that adjusts is an absolute must in 2017. Don't allow your workspace to be behind the times. This is one product that has most certainly become and industry standard.

4.) Post Tip Charts And Diagrams

Ergonomic Office Tips Diagram
Posture tip charts and diagrams are invaluable. As an added bonus, you can also print them out online without spending a dollar. Why post a tip chart you ask? Because seeing the tips everyday will keep them fresh in your mind. You'll be far more likely to keep your back in contact with the chair when working while keeping your feet placed flat on the ground instead of on your chair base as a foot rest. Studies have shown that workers who have posted tips charts within eyesight of the computer screen see big results. Remembering a long list of posture perfect operating tips is pretty tough. Give a tip chart or diagram a try! Again, it's free. How can you go wrong?

5.) Make The Switch To A Sit To Stand Workstation

Now it's time to talk about the latest ergonomic craze. Sit to stand workstations were once thought to be niche type items that were overly expensive and not practical of everyday use. Times have most certainly changed!

Sit To Stand Desktop RiserThis year, nearly every reputable ergonomic furniture manufacturer on the planet is crating some type of cost effective sit to stand desktop attachment to help promote continuous movement and improved blood flow.

The whole movement started when studies began proving that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. As taking short breaks each hour to reduce the time spent sitting isn't always practical, the desire for sit to stand operating stations was born.

These days you don't need to purchase a fancy push button executive desk that costs thousands to ergo-fy your personal workspace. Instead you can spend well under $300.00 and purchase a desktop riser that's built to work with nearly any surface you can think of. Brands like OFM and Systematix are paving the way with professional grade sit to stand solutions that are a must consider for any worker looking to maximize comfort, efficiency, productivity, and health.

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