Monday, March 13, 2017

7 Ways To Take Your Office Interiors To The Next Level In 2017

Don't settle for average office interiors! If your work environments are feeling confined, outdated, restricted, and inefficient, it's time for a revamp. Rest assured, you're in the right place. Today we'll be showcasing 7 ways to take your professional interiors to the next level. By following the hottest product trends and design strategies, you'll be on your way to healthy, productive, and versatile operating in no time.

1.) Open Concept Design

Open Concept Office Interior

This year, it's all bout open concept design. With open concept office furniture you'll make your interiors feel larger, while simultaneously maximizing square footage. Trend setting open concept furnishings from brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are changing the way we work and interact in professional settings. Any real estate agent will tell you, buyers want open concept floor plans. The same holds true in corporate environments. With open concept layouts you'll be improving work flow and kicking performance into overdrive.

2.) Collaborative Benching

Collaborative Office Benching Layout

Take your work floor to the next level with open concept benching. Needless to say, old school cubicle and panel furniture systems are being kicked to the curb on a daily basis by businesses looking to streamline actives and boost performance. With collaborative benching you'll be encouraging team interaction and improving corporate morale. The importance of collaboration cannot be overlooked. When your employees are talking and working together, great ideas are sure to follow. Collaborative office benching systems from brands like Global Total Office are a must consider for any growing business in 2017 and beyond.

3.) Modular Training Room Furniture

Modular Training Room Furniture

Fixed leg training tables will always have their place in classroom settings. That said, there's better options out there for your business. With modular tables that connect, you can create unique layouts specifically designed to meet the needs of any strategizing session. Today's modular training room tables feature mobilized bases that make reconfiguring your space a breeze. No more heavy lifting! Today's training room tables with fold down tops can also be nested along perimeter walls when not in use. This means, you're not stuck with large table groupings if you don't need them. With modular training room tables, you can effectively teach and train new employees faster and more efficiently. You can also use today's top modular tables to create awesome conferencing environments, thus combining two areas into one.

4.) Smart Chairs

High Tech Smart Chair

The "smart chair" revolution is in full swing! If you're tired of constantly adjusting your office chair to achieve the comfort and support needed to work effectively, make the switch to one of today's advanced seating solutions. Chairs like the Arti from Global Total Office minimize the ergonomic learning curve by automatically responding to user movements. High tech smart chairs are weight sensitive. This means, they know how to reach to your specific body type. If you're ready to take the guess work out of perfect posture, there's chairs out there to help.

5.) Sit To Stand Desktop Risers

Ergonomic Desktop Riser

You've seen the commercials. You've read the reviews. Sit to stand desktop risers are the way of the future. As sitting for extended periods of time can be damaging to your health, a sit to stand desktop riser like the 5100 model from OFM just makes sense. The ability to quickly switch from sitting to standing operating positions will improve blood flow, thus reducing strain and fatigue throughout the work day. Sit to stand desktop risers are far more expensive than traditional electronic desks. They retrofit quickly to nearly any work surface and will have you computing healthy in no time.

6.) Powered Boardroom Tables

Powered Boardroom Furniture

Powered conference and boardroom tables have become an industry standard. Nearly every reputable manufacturer on the planet is now offering some form of power ready table specifically designed to streamline your meetings and teleconferences. A boardroom table with power will make it easy to host multi media presentations without the need for that squeaky AV cart you've been wheeling around the office for years.

7.) Tablet Arm Reception Seating

Tablet Arm Lounge Chairs

Last but not least, you can take your guest welcoming area to the next level with the integration of tablet arm seating. A lounge chair with a tablet arm will allow your guests to work while they wait. They'll be able to use their laptops and devices effectively to maximize their visit. Tablet arm chairs are also being utilized regularly in training environments, as well as the boardroom. They'll no doubt give your interiors that extra edge you've been looking for.

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