Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Collaborative Benching Systems Are The Future

Collaborative Benching System
Every day, businesses are kicking old school cubicle and panel furniture configurations to the curb in exchange for collaborative benching systems. The ability to promote team interaction while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal is simply too much to pass up. Today on the blog we'll highlight the benefits of collaborative benching and the top collections to consider for your remodel.

To put it simply, cubicles promote privacy while benching systems encourage collaboration. Do you remember those days in school when you got to work in groups? Weren't you more excited? Businesses are applying this strategy in the workplace. When we work together, ideas flow. When ideas flow, good things happen in business. 

Open Concept Benching SystemWith a collaborative benching system, your work floor will feel larger and more inviting. While high wall cubicles will always have their place, the ability to create open concept office interiors with a benching layout has become the preferred choice of growing businesses. 

Multi user office benching systems offer exceptional versatility. With modular components, your new configuration can be used to improve work flow. Today's top benching systems are designed to grow as your business needs increase. Simply add-on additional work surfaces to accommodate more users. It's that simple.

Group Benching Furniture ConfigurationWhen it comes to benching, the layout and configuration options are truly limitless. With extensive size and shape variations, benching can be effectively utilized in interiors of any size. If you're ready to think outside the box with your remodel to maximize appeal and square footage, benching is definitely the way to go.

Looking to take your desk configuration to the next level? No problem. Many of today's top brands offer benching systems with surface level power ports for streamlined operating. This means, no more venturing under the desk to locate inputs and route wires. With surface level AC, Data, and USB ports, your employees will be far more effective throughout task filled work days.

Multi User Benching System
This year, brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are paving the way with innovative benching systems. Mayline's e5 and TransAction collections offer industrial characteristics and high end modern appeal. Always ahead of the curve, Global is rocking corporate interiors with modular benching from lines like SideBar and Bridges II. These highly versatile collections promote collaboration and modular functionality like none other.

By now you're probably wondering just how much a modular benching system would run your business. In truth, they're very competitively priced when compared to traditional high wall privacy cubicle systems. At it's core, benching systems are quite simple. The cost of a group desking layout will vary based on your individual needs, storage components, power options, and other upgrades you choose to add. 

High Tech Office Furniture
If you're interested in exploring the world of collaborative benching for your business, we highly recommend visiting a showroom in your area. This isn't the type of furniture that can be handled DIY style. You'll definitely need the help of the pros to properly spec your remodel and equip your interior with the components needed to operate effectively. The most difficult part of incorporating collaborative benching into your work environments is most certainly the space planning process. That said, the long term benefits are undeniable. Benching is here to stay and changing the way we work.

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