Friday, March 10, 2017

Collection Spotlight: Correlation by Global

Global Correlation FurnitureGlobal Total Office specializes in the provision of made to order office furnishings that promote high end appeal and unrivaled versatility. Today on Collection Spotlight we'll be taking an in-depth look at one of their most popular lines, Correlation. This full service collection offers the modular desking components needed to craft truly elite interiors that are up to date with today's hottest trends. Prepare to be impressed.

Luxurious Executive Office Interior
If you're tackling a private office makeover, the Global Correlation collection is a must consider. With an exceptional blend of modern and traditional appeal, Correlation is cutting edge without being too over the top. In truth, many of today's top furniture lines won't be in style for very long. You can feel comfortable knowing that with Correlation, this isn't the case.

Modular Open Concept Office FurnitureThis modular desking line is incredibly well rounded and sophisticated. Correlation desks feature 1.5" thick laminate operating surfaces available in straight and bow front variations. The executive style office desks from the Correlation collection are scratch resistant, super durable, and available in more than 15 designer finish options.

Executive Furniture from Global Total Office
You can effectively use Correlation components to craft single and multi user office desk configurations. If you're tired of the same old furniture lines that offer little in terms of growth potential, Correlation has you covered. You can quickly transform the furniture in your private office interiors with add-on components to accommodate additional users.

With Correlation, creating a trendy open concept feel is a breeze. Rest assured, the traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems used in years passed are being kicked to the curb. These days, design teams and industry professionals are making it a mission to improve collaboration in professional settings. With popular desk collections like Correlation, you can do just that and more.

Multi User Office InteriorNo high end office furniture line is complete without an array of storage components. To be at your best, organization is key. Sure you can rely on traditional metal file cabinets. They'll certainly get the job done, but why not think outside the box? Show off your design ingenuity with advanced office storage products from the Correlation collection. With an array of bookcases, overhead hutch units, storage cabinets, and wardrobe cabinets to choose from, you'll be able to truly maximize your interiors.

Global Correlation Furniture RatingWe give the Correlation collection 4 out of 5 stars. This professional office furniture collection is well rounded, stylish, and versatile. By industry standards, Correlation components are quite affordable. Many of today's competing collections offer far less in terms of long term functionality. The ability to create both single and multi user stations puts Correlation in a league of its own. The only downside is that the pieces from this line take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture. That said, if you plan in advance you can take advantage of everything this innovative desking collection from Global has to offer.

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