Monday, March 20, 2017

Collection Spotlight: TransAction by Mayline

Mayline TransAction Office Furniture
Mayline is one of the most respected and highly regarded furniture manufacturers on the planet. Collections like TransAction are the reason why. This line of industrially inspired furnishings promotes collaboration and streamlined operating in professional settings. Today on the blog we'll take an in-depth look at the TransAction collection and the components that put it in a league of it's own.

First and foremost, this Mayline business furniture collection offers some of the most high tech conference room tables on the market. While you'll need the help of a pro to spec one properly, the end result will be a cutting edge meeting area that's truly ahead of the curve. A Mayline TransAction conference room table like the TAC12BB model can be equipped with multiple surface level modules featuring a combination of USB, HDMI, Ethernet, AC, and other awesome input options. Yeah, they rock!

Open Concept Benching FurnitureAre you looking to kick those old school cubicles to the curb for a collaboration promoting benching layout? You're not along! This booming trend was set in motion by collections like TransAction. With it's wide range of modular components, TransAction modular benching systems can be quickly crafted for interiors of any size.

TransAction Multi User WorkstationIf you do need a little privacy, TransAction still has you covered. Brands like Mayline can do it all. TransAction offers the cube like pieces needed to create awesome multi user workstations that don't fully sacrifice the trending open concept vibe. For some businesses, privacy is a must. That being said, so is effective collaboration. With TransAction you can have the best of both worlds.

If you need heavy duty office furniture that's built to last, TransAction won't let you down. This industrially inspired collection boasts a blend of scratch resistant laminate surfaces and metal components that are ready to withstand the rigors of intensive use. It's sad but true, not all furniture collections are created equal. We'd feel comfortable putting TransAction up against any line on the market. It's durability is second to none.

Mayline Open Concept Benching
In terms of price, TransAction isn't cheap. But with this line, you get what you pay for. TransAction conference tables without power are available starting at around $1500.00. Benching systems will vary based on size, but a 3 to 4 person workstation will run you around $10,000.00. That being said, TransAction is still an excellent investment that will most certainly improve corporate appeal, and most importantly, functionality.

We give the TransAction collection a well deserved 4.5 out of 5 star rating. While a little pricey by today's standards, this line is certainly more heavy duty than most anything we've ever seen. TransAction furniture will help your business create industrial interiors with a cutting edge vibe. You'll be able to improve collaboration, boost productivity, and so much much. This conference room and open concept benching furniture from Mayline is a must consider for any business looking to keep their interiors on the cutting edge.

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