Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How To Create A Collaborative Conference Room

Collaborative Conference Room
It's all about collaboration in 2017. This year, the top design teams and furniture manufacturers are working hard to craft versatile products specifically designed to promote team interaction while simultaneously boosting productivity. Today on the blog we'll provide you with tips, product suggestions, and design advice needed to craft a cutting edge collaborative conference room for your business.

Every professional remodeling project starts with effective space planning. The conference room is no exception! Before rushing out and purchasing all new furniture, you need to measure your interior. Notate where all power outlets, entry ways, and windows are located. They'll likely affect your design and the way your new furniture is situated.

Modular Conference Table
Once you've obtained dimensions, have a coworker double check them for accuracy. This step is crucial. It lays the foundation for your project.  Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing all new collaborative furniture for the conference room only to find that it doesn't fit properly because you didn't take the time to measure.

This year it's all about open concept design. The days of using stationary tables for a singular purpose are coming to an end. When crafting a collaborative conference room, you need to put a primary focus on modular versatility. With a set of connectable modular tables you'll be able to quickly adapt to meet the needs of any situation. Reconfiguring is a breeze. Your interior will be ready, willing, and able to evolve for both meeting and training sessions.

Conference Room Designed for Collaborating
With modular tables, group strategizing sessions are an absolute breeze. We highly recommend selecting tables from a reputable manufacturer like Global Total Office or Mayline that are built to last in intensive work environments. They specialize in the provision of flip top tables that can be connected to form small and large group layouts. When not in use, tables can be nested along perimeter walls to save space and further promote your open concept vibe.

You can further improve your collaborative efforts by integrating power modules. With power modules you'll be able to streamline meetings and presentations. Sure you can keep your interior old school and run extension chords across the room, but that will yield little in terms of long term productivity and efficiency. Power modules are the way of the future. Nearly every reputable office furniture brand on the planet is now offering some form of powered table for the boardroom and training area.

Collaborative Meeting Area
To effectively collaborate, you'll need a few essential conference room accessories that you'll actually use. The first is a presentation board. The ability to jot done ideas and important notes during meetings is invaluable. When good ideas are flowing, you don't want to miss them. Invest in a wall mounted presentation board, or a mobile presentation board that can be used in various interiors as needed.

The second accessory you'll need for your collaborative conference room is a flat screen. It's time to kick that old school AV cart to the curb. With a wall mounted smart TV you'll be able to access WiFi, host effective teleconferences, and much more. They'll also improve the overall look and feel of your interior.

Modular Conference Table Layout for Collaboration
Last but not least, no collaborative conference room is complete without comfortable seating. For guests to be at their best, they need to be properly supported throughout the duration of extended meetings. In 2017, businesses looking to give their gathering areas the edge are making the switch to tablet arm swivel chairs like the ORO100 from OFM. This versatile executive style conference chair makes it easy to take notes and maximize versatility.

If you're looking to save some space, you can go with sleek mesh back nesting chairs. They're light weight, mobile, and can be easily reconfigured as needed. Much like flip top tables, they can be staged along perimeter walls when not in use. We highly recommend popular nesting chairs like the TSH1 from the Mayline Valore collection, as well as the 1899 model Roma chair from Global Total Office.

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