Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nuvem: 1 Chair, 5 Applications!

Eurotech Nuvem Chair
The Eurotech Seating Nuvem chair is incredibly versatile. It's also luxurious and comfortable. This stylish chair is an absolute winner to say the least. Today on the blog we'll showcase the Nuvem and how it can excel in 5 different settings. If you're looking to think outside the box with your remodel, give the Nuvem your full attention.

White Leather Executive Recliner with Tablet Arm1.) Living Room

The first and most obvious application for the Nuvem is the living room. The white leather Nuvem chair with wood accents is perfect for coastal inspired interiors, while the black leather and silver variation is more suited for modern spaces. The ottoman allows users to kick their feet up after a long day to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing sitting experience.

Nuvem Recliner In Black Leather2.) Lobby

Can you imagine a high tech modern lobby outfitted with Nuvem chairs? We sure can! These top of the line office seating solutions will no doubt improve the guest waiting experience. With thick padded cushions, you're visitors will feel supremely pampered. The swivel out tablet arm will even allow guests to work while they wait.

Nuvem Executive Chair3.) Executive Office

Think outside the realm of the traditional swivel chair and enhance your executive interior with the Nuvem. This ultra cool, comfortable, and modern chair works perfectly in high end executive office settings. If you're going for a coastal vibe, the white leather Nuvem is the way to go. That being said, we personally prefer the black leather Nuvem chair for executive office remodeling projects. The ability to compute naturally with a laptop on a tablet arm while also enjoying the benefits of a desktop computer is hard to beat.

Eurotech Nuvem Tablet Arm Chair4.) Hotel Suites

It's easy to picture the Nuvem chair in high end suites. Interior design teams looking for that added element of flair are regularly turning to the Nuvem to spice up their projects. With it's curved seat, integrated headrest, and adjustable back, the Nuvem will generate a lot of "where'd that chair in my room come from" questions at the check out desk!

High End Executive Style Gaming Chair with Tablet Arm5.) Gaming

Last but not least, the Nuvem chair can be effectively used as a centralized gaming station. Wether you're gaming from a laptop or on a flat screen, the Nuvem will keep you comfy and supported during those long sessions. Are you a fantasy football lover? Image kicking back for Monday Night Football and using the tablet arm feature on the Nuvem chair to check your scores while reclining in comfort. Like we said, this chair can really do it all. Job well done Eurotech!

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