Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Office Chair Review: Ovation by SitWell

SitWell Ovation Chair Review
We couldn't be more excited to conduct our first SitWell chair review! Our newest brand is sure to impress with their array of high quality, quick shipping ergonomic seating solutions specifically designed to promote good posture and healthy operating. Today on the blog we'll be checking out the SitWell Ovation series chair. Prepare to be impressed!


The O-35-L-CT-OC model SitWell Ovation series office chair features a high mesh back that's perfectly complimented by a contoured fabric seat, polished base, and closed frame arms. This distinctively modern office chair is extremely pleasing to the eye. Rest assured, if you're looking to use your chair to make an impression on valued office visitors, the Ovation has you covered. It's well rounded without being too over the top. It's simple, yet sophisticated. What more could you ask for?


SitWell Ovation High Back Mesh Office ChairThe Ovation chair packs a major ergonomic punch. While most of today's top rated office chairs can be a bit confusing to use at first, the Ovation makes its mark by minimizing the ergonomic learning curve. In fact, users can design their Ovation chair to meet their specific needs. SitWell offers a variety of back, arm, seat, and mechanism options to help users achieve perfect balance in professional settings. The model we had the opportunity to test featured a 4 position synchro lock mechanism that was really smooth and efficient. We highly recommend it! In addition, the breathable mesh back boasts well thought out contours that provide excellent lumbar support.


After a thorough review, we feel the SitWell Ovation chair is best suited for conference room and executive office applications. If you upgrade your Ovation chair with a set of adjustable arms, it can be effectively utilized for intensive, everyday tasking. There's really no limitations with the collection as SitWell has made just about every option under the sun available to users. It's nice to be able to customize a chair to meet your specific comfort and application requirements! Not many manufacturers are doing that, and it's just one of the things that has put the ergonomic office chairs from SitWell in a league of their own.


The pricing on SitWell Ovation series office chairs will vary based on the mechanism, arms, base, and back you choose. That being said, we can still provide you with a good idea on what you should be prepared to spend if you choose to go with one of these chairs. The O-35-L-CT-OC model quick Ship Ovation series high back mesh office chair from SitWell is pretty loaded up with upgrades. It's currently available for $385.99. Based on the high quality attributes, this is a very competitively priced chair by today's standards. However, it's far more reliable and well rounded. The attention to detail is unrivaled.


SitWell Ovation Chair RatingThe SitWell Ovation series seating collection has earned itself a 4 out of 5 star rating. We love that there are a variety of quick ship and customizable models available from this collection. If you need a new chair in a hurry, the O-35-L-CT-OC is an excellent option. If you have more specific requirements for comfort, we recommend meeting with a chair specialist to design an Ovation chair that's ready to rock your work day. Overall, we are supremely impressed. The Ovation is incredibly well made, provides exceptional back support, and doesn't cost a fortune. We look forward to checking out more chairs from SitWell in the coming weeks.

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