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The 2017 Executive Office Remodeling Guide

Executive Office Remodeling Guide 2017
If you're planning to tackle an executive office remodeling project in 2017, you're in the right place! Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll provide you with the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to rock your makeover from start to finish. From effective space planning to professional installation, we've got you covered. Enjoy!

Space Planning

Every good remodel starts with effective space planning. The executive office is no exception! Before rushing out to purchase new furniture for your project, take the time to properly measure your interior. Be sure to jot down where your power outlets, windows, entry ways, and load bearing members are. They all play a roll in your furniture layout. Once you've got your dimensions, double check them for accuracy. Have a trusted coworker check them as well. You simply can't be too careful during the space planning process. Rest assured, there's nothing worse that purchasing new furniture for an executive office only to find that it doesn't fit properly upon arrival.

Gray Office Furniture Finish SwatchTrends

We fully understand that researching the latest executive office remodeling trends can be a little time consuming. Lucky for you, we're going to highlight the top 5 of 2017 to save you time.

  1. Open Concept: An open concept office interior will make your space feel larger. Open concept executive environments are typically built for collaborating and small group strategizing sessions.
  2. Mid Century Modern: From chairs to desks, the mid century modern look is in! Going with a mid century vibe will no doubt earn you an abundance of compliments on your design ingenuity.
  3. Coastal: The popularity of gray and white finish options have made coastal inspired executive makeovers super hot in 2017. 
  4. Industrial: Tired of furniture that's not built to last and withstand the demands of your work day? Go with an industrial executive office remodel by incorporating metal desks and storage components.
  5. Retro: Create a vintage vibe with retro executive furniture. Finding new products with retro appeal is a bit tough. To follow this trend you'll definitely need to visit second hand stores, flea markets, and swap meets.
Top Executive Furniture Brands

Not all executive office furniture is created equal. The desk configurations and interior accents from brands like those listed below reign supreme.

  1. Mayline
  2. Global Total Office
  3. Cherryman Industries
  4. Offices To Go
  5. OFM


Executive Office Furniture Collections
The brands listed above specialize in the provision of full service furniture collections that are absolutely perfect for executive remodeling projects, as well as your cohesive interiors. This year, the lines listed below have been favorites of interior design teams and industry professionals. They're definitely worth considering!

  1. Medina: The hottest line of the year so far! Medina desks are incredibly stylish. With trendy finish options like Textured Sea Salt and Gray Steel, Medina is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly traditional furnishings.
  2. Sterling: The Sterling collection blends modern and traditional characteristics to perfection. The popular executive office desk configurations from the Sterling collection feature opaque acrylic accents that pair perfectly with unique finishes like Textured Driftwood.
  3. Zira: If you're going for an open concept vibe and modern appeal, the Zira collection is your best bet. This incredibly versatile line of modular executive furniture can be effectively used to create single and multi user desk layouts.
  4. Verde: Going modern? You can't go wrong with Verde from Cherryman Industries. We absolutely love the white accented writing desks and executive style conference front desks from this best selling line.
  5. Superior Laminate: If you're crafting an executive office on a tight budget and not looking to sacrifice quality, check out the cost effective desk typicals from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate collection.
  6. Mesa: The desks and credenzas from the OFM Mesa furniture collection are perfect for industrial inspired remodeling projects. If you're looking to create a heavy duty workspace, check out this trendy and surprisingly cost effective line.

Luxurious Executive SeatingSeating

Every executive interior needs to be set up for comfort with the addition of a high quality ergonomic chair equipped with the adjustable features needed to sit effectively. We've highlighted 3 of our favorites below to avoid overloading you with options.

  1. iOO: The iOO is one of the most reliable and comfortable mesh back executive chairs on the market today. It's ready, willing, and able to provide exceptional support all day long.
  2. Concorde Presidential: If you want the absolute best for your executive office, the Concorde Presidential chair from Global is it. It's incredibly luxurious and comfortable. It also comes with a hefty price tag. But hey, you get what you pay for.
  3. Avenger: The OFM Avenger series office chair is perfect for big and tall users. While several models are available from this popular collection, we personally prefer the 811-LX in cream leather! It's durable, comfortable, and super cool.


Office Furniture Installation TipsLast but not least, you'll need to prepare for installation. If you choose to tackle the assembly and installation process by yourself, you'll need to have some basic tools. A cordless drill, tape measurer, socket set, rubber mallet, and allen wrenches will all come in handy.

Before your new furniture arrives, you need to prep your interior by removing old furniture. Take the time to patch any unsightly wall marks. If you're planning to paint, now is the best time to do it while your interior is empty.

When your desks and chair arrives, don't take all the cumbersome boxes directly into your office space. Designate a staging area. A garage or hallway will do the trick. With a staging area you'll be able to bring in items one at a time for assembly to avoid an overcrowded install.

If you're a bit worried about the installation process, go with the pros. They'll likely be willing to receive your furniture directly from the manufacturer to minimize the leg work on your end. Professional executive office installation services typically cost between $500.00 and $1000.00 depending on the number of products in need of assembly. If your office is located above the ground floor, we highly recommend investing in a professional installation service. Moving furniture upstairs and elevators can be dangerous!

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