Friday, March 24, 2017

The Future Of Office Furniture: 2017 And Beyond!

If you love keeping your office interiors on the cutting edge, you're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll be taking a look into the future of workplace furniture and seating solutions. Heck, even if you aren't planning a makeover project, it's still fun to see the innovations that will change the way we work and function. Prepare to be impressed!

Sit To Stand Desktop AttachmentThis year, it's been all about sit to stand products. If you haven't heard, sitting for extended periods of time can actually shorten your life span. We fully expect to see an abundance of new sit to stand solutions hit the market in the coming years. As we don't all have the luxury of taking short breaks once every hour to stretch out our muscles, a sit to stand desktop riser will help you fight back against this common office epidemic. Brands like Systematix are paving the way with awesome new sit to stand desktop attachments that promote continuous movement in the workplace and help workers fight back against fatigue.

Powered Lounge Chair for The OfficeBe prepared for an abundance of new powered office furniture solutions in the future. In this modern age of technology, businesses are expecting more out of their furniture. Top manufacturers are hard at work looking for new ways to power up interiors. Once thought of as an expensive luxury, conference tables with powered surfaces have now become the industry standard. We are also seeing a huge influx in the number of powered workstations and lounge furniture collections hitting the market to improve productivity, as well as the guest waiting experience.

Tablet Arm Executive Recliner
Tablet arm chairs are just plain cool! They'll give you the edge throughout those task filled work days. Innovative tablet arm chairs like the Nuvem from Eurotech will ensure this booming trend continues to grow in 2017 and beyond. In addition, tablet arm chairs like the Sirena from Global Total Office have also become the preferred choice for professional reception area makeover projects.

Mobilized Training Table with Flip Down TopFixed leg office tables are being kicked to the curb in exchange for mobilized, modular variations that make for easy reconfiguring. In the future we'll see an abundance of connectable training room tables with flip down tops and mobilized bases that make it easy to host effective group learning sessions. Brands like Global are paving the way with collections like Bungee. If you're tackling a training room remodeling project, the tables from this versatile line are a must consider.

Gray Office FurnitureIt's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional furniture finishes. While cherry, maple, and mahogany will always have their place in traditional makeover projects, they are no longer the top options. New and exciting woodgrain laminate tones are already starting to rock professional interiors across the country. Take one look at the new Textured Driftwood Finish option available on the desks from the Mayline Sterling collection and you'll quickly see what we mean.

Open Concept BenchingCollaborative benching systems are the way of the future! As the open concept workplace furniture trend continues to boom, traditional high wall panel furniture systems are rapidly becoming extinct. Businesses have begun to understand the value of team interaction. When workers are closed off from each other, it's hard for ideas to flow. That's why open concept benching layouts are so beneficial. They'll make your work floor look fantastic, and they'll create a team vibe that's hard to beat.

Ergonomic Smart ChairLast but certainly not least, get ready to see an abundance of next level office chairs hitting the market in the coming years. Workers are tired of pulling levers and adjusting tension knobs to get comfortable. Seating manufacturers have taken this point to heart. They're now working hard to craft elite "Smart Chairs" that do the adjusting for you. Current smart chairs like the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating automatically respond to user movements to promote good posture and healthy operating. This cutting edge office chair features 11 spring loaded torsion joints that take an impression of the user's spine when sitting naturally. While supremely advanced in terms of technology, smart chairs are incredibly user friendly and minimize the ergonomic learning curve. Other auto adjusting office chair options that are definitely worth consideration include the Living Chair from Mayline and the Arti chair from Global Total Office.

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