Friday, April 7, 2017

Chair Compare: Accord Vs. Aspen

Global Office Chair ReviewWhen it comes to high quality office seating, Global Total Office knows their stuff. This industry leader specializes in the provision of fashionable chairs that provide their user's with unrivaled support. Today on the blog we'll take a look at 2 of Global's best. The Accord and Aspen seating collections have been a favorite of designers and ergonomic enthusiasts for years. Let's finally find out which reigns supreme in a 5 round face off.

Global Accord ChairRound 1: Style

Global's office chairs are never short on style. Even though the Accord and Aspen chairs have been around for quite awhile, they're still up to date with today's hottest trends. In fact, they helped set many of them in motion. The Aspen chair is slightly more traditional than the Accord which keys on mid century characteristics. The first round is really too close to call. Style is a personal preference and you really can't go wrong with either of these chairs.

Aspen Chair by GlobalRound 2: Features

Here's where the rubber really meets the road. While similar in terms of style, the Accord and Aspen office seating collections from Global have very different ergonomic attributes. The most visually different feature will be certainly be the chair arms. While the Accord features a set of fixed arms the don't adjust, the Aspen arms move up and down to help user's operate in superior comfort. We also feel the natural contours of the Aspen chair are a bit more supportive. While the mesh back chairs from the Accord collection are breathable, they're still not ideal for long term sits like the Aspen, which in our opinion definitely takes round 2.

Round 3: Applications
Global Accord Executive Chair
Global takes pride in crafting versatile chairs that work in a variety of applications. The Accord and Aspen are no exception. After a thorough sit test, we feel the Aspen chair is much better suited for intensive tasking applications. That being said, the Accord is a better option for professional conference and boardroom seating needs as it's design is a bit more sleek and space saving. As both the Accord and Aspen can be used effectively in executive office settings, this round is super close. the Aspen wins in terms of comfort, but you can definitely do more around the office with the Accord. Round 3 is based solely on applications, and the Accord wins out by a slim margin.

Round 4: Price

These two best selling office seating collections from Global are very similar in terms of price. The baseline 2671-4 model Accord chair is available for $439.99 while the baseline Aspen model is only a few bucks more at $455.99. Leather upholstered, high back, and drafting models will definitely drive the price up regardless of which chair you decide to go with. As your individual needs with vary and the price difference is negligible, round 4 is our second tie of the match.

Global Aspen Office Seating CollectionRound 5: Comfort

It all comes down to comfort, as it should! There's no really substitute for a comfortable office chair. Global has made it their mission to design and manufacture office seating that's built to last and won't let you down during those busy work days. While the 2 chair lines in questions both provide a lot of back support, the Aspen is most certainly our teams preferred option. The headrest, natural lumbar support, multi functional mechanism, and adjustable arms all work together to form a top of the line chair that packs a major ergonomic punch. While the Accord fought hard, the Aspen is clearly the winner of today's 'Chair Compare' battle.

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