Thursday, April 27, 2017

How To Convince Your Boss To Purchase New Office Chairs

How To Convince Your Boss To Purchase New Office Chairs
If you're fighting back pain at work and your current office chair just isn't cutting it, it's time to take action! That being said, you might find it a little difficult to convince the boss to invest in fancy new seating for you and your coworkers. That's where we come in. Today on the blog, we'll highlight tips, strategies, and bargain buys that will get your boss on board. Enjoy!

First things first, you need to know what kind of office chair will most benefit you and your coworkers. Start by analyzing your personal areas of discomfort. Then ask around to see if any of your teammates are struggling with the same issues. The more coworkers you have on board, the more likely your boss will be to listen and invest in new seating.

You'll then want to take your search to the web. Locate an office chair showroom in your area and give it a visit. You'll be rewarded with a ton of helpful information that will help you convince the boss when the time is right.

Fighting Back Pain At Work
Don't approach your boss with the initial idea that "new office chairs are a must" during a stress filled work day. In doing this you'll most certainly be met with some resistance. Alternatively, you'll want to wait until the time is right and they're in a good mood. At lunch, after work, or during an office party is the perfect time to present the idea.

Start by explaining to your boss the ways your fighting discomfort and how they're related to your current chair. Then provide him with information on the chairs you've checked out at the showroom.  This way, he'll have a good idea on what to expect price wise. You'll also want to inform him now that many of your fellow coworkers are struggling with their current chair's performance.

You'll also want to inform your boss on the benefits that a new chair with adjustable ergonomic features will provide. Support and productivity are both key words worth mentioning!

If you couldn't locate a showroom in your area, we'll help you out a bit. In 2017, the average professional grade office chair will run you about $300.00. Here's a few suggestions that will definitely keep you well supported and operating at peak performance levels throughout the work day.

Budget Friendly Ergonomic Office ChairComfortable Ergo Chairs That Won't Break The Budget:

  • Eon by Cherryman Industries
  • 11516B by Offices To Go
  • Apollo by Eurotech Seating
  • Rave by SitWell
  • Creedence by Woodstock Marketing
  • Commute by Mayline

If your boss seems uninterested in the notion of purchasing all new chairs at first, don't be discouraged. It might take a little convincing. Ask your boss to take a seat in your current chair. Show him it's features and how they just aren't cutting it. If they see and experience the inefficiency personally, they'll be more sympathetic to your needs. It might just be the eye opener you need to push them over the top.

Visit A Physician About Your Ergonomic NeedsIf all else fails, you can visit your physician. Explain to them how your current chair isn't cutting it and your personal areas of discomfort. In most cases when the issues become health risks, they'll provide you with a recommendation that can be presented to your boss.

Have you stopped to wonder if your employer's chair is cutting it? Don't be afraid to ask them. You might present the initial request in a question like "Hey, is your office chair getting the job done? I'm really struggling with mine". This open ended inquiry sounds much better than "Hey, I need a new chair. Can you buy me one?" You can also ask them to visit a showroom with you. The sales people will be more than happy to do a little of the convincing for you.

When you boss finally decides to invest in new chairs. Let them know you appreciate it. The odds are, you'll need additional ergonomic products that will improve health and comfort in the future to remain at your best. Take the time to master your chair. Help your boss with his if they've purchased one as well to maximize it's benefits. Show them that the investment has not gone unnoticed!

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