Friday, May 5, 2017

Fast Track Corporate Comfort With 5 Key Products

Don't take the long road to healthy operating in the workplace. Today on the blog we'll highlight the 5 products needed to fast track corporate comfort. From a reliable office chair to an articulating keyboard tray, these simple solutions will help you kick productivity levels into overdrive.

1.) Reliable Office Chair

Reliable Ergonomic Office Chair

First things first, you need a reliable office chair. It lays the foundation for corporate comfort. That being said, not all office chairs are created equal. You need to beware of cheap knock offs and imitations that aren't built to perform in professional settings. We recommend purchasing a name brand ergonomic chair with user friendly features you can rely on. This year, you can't go wrong with the iDesk Oroblanco series mesh back tasker. It's efficient, effective, and affordable. With a built in guide for personal adjusting, it minimizes the ergonomic learning curve.

2.) Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Adjustable Dual Screen Monitor Mount

One screen is good, but two is better! A dual screen monitor arm will instantly cut down on the time you spend clicking between tabs. Additionally, you'll be able to quickly create additional operating space and reduce visual strain. Are you currently looking downward at your computer screen to read this sentence? If so, your neck is paying the price. With a dual monitor arm that adjusts to meet your personal preferences, you can get your screens up to the comfortable level where they belong.

3.) Sit To Stand Desktop Riser

Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment

Sit to stand products are the latest craze, and for good reason. They work! As we sit at our desks for long periods of time,  pain and fatigue set in due to restricted blood flow and muscle stiffness. The ability to quickly adapt and work while standing will keep you comfortable without productivity levels dropping. To make a long story short, popular sit to stand desktop attachments like the Volante from Symmetry Office promote continuous movement in the workplace. And that's a good thing.

4.) Retractable CPU Holder

Retractable CPU Holder

The little things tend to make the biggest difference throughout the work day. The addition of a retractable CPU holder may sound minor, but it's sure to have you in the fast line to improved comfort. Typically, the knee space underneath our desks is minimal. You've likely banged your legs on the CPU at least one this week! With a retractable CPU holder you can mount your computer power source underneath your work surface on glide tracks. The ability to move your CPU out of the way when it's not needed (which is most of the time) is just plain smart. You'll also have an easier time routing wires and charging devices. No more venturing underneath your desk on your hands and knees should sound pretty appealing.

5.) Articulating Keyboard Tray

Articulating Keyboard Tray with Health Benefits

Last but certainly not least, it's time to start enjoying the ergonomic benefits provided by a retractable keyboard tray. The most obvious reason to purchase a keyboard tray is that in doing so you'll be enjoying much more desktop space. Secondly and more importantly, you'll be computing at correct and healthy angles that help prevent common office ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Popular keyboard trays with health benefits from brands like ESI and Systematix are a must consider if you're looking to fast track corporate comfort!

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