Friday, May 26, 2017

Furniture Life: Avoid The Ordinary!

Open Concept BenchingIf you want your office interiors to stand out from the competition, using the same old furniture and chair styles just won't cut it. Have no fear, we're here to help! Today on 'Furniture Life' we'll be showcasing ultra cool ways to make your work environments pop. From modern cubicle alternatives to cutting edge workplace accessories, the elite solutions highlighted here are perfect for any business looking to make a statement while kicking productivity levels into overdrive.

Open Concept Office FurnitureTraditional high wall cubicle systems will always have their place. That being said, modern alternatives are now available that promote team interaction and creativity as opposed to privacy. While cubicles make employees feel closed off from one another, open concept benching encourages interaction.The modular benching systems and desking crafted by Global Total Office is the best in the business. Global collections like SideBar and Bridges II provide exceptional versatility that's anything but ordinary!

iOO Chair from EurotechOffice comfort starts with the chair. So why settle for an average sit? If you're ready get posture perfect while minimizing the ergonomic learning curve, you need a smart chair. An office chair that self adjusts to mimic user movements will help cut down on the time spent pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs. We recommend the iOO from Eurotech Seating. It's headrest, lumbar section, adjustable arms, and waterfall seat work together to provide an exceptional sitting experience.

Modular Waiting Room FurnitureSure a couple of lounge chairs and a sofa will work in your waiting room, but why not think outside the box! Going modular with your guest reception are makeover project is just plain smart. With connectable side chairs, beam seating, and benches from OFM you can really get creative to maximize valuable square footage. New OFM modular reception furniture collections like Triumph are nothing short of impressive. With the seating components available from lines like Triumph, the options are truly limitless.

Gray Office FurnitureThe office furniture finish you choose will say a lot about your personal design ingenuity and style. If you're okay with ordinary, feel free to use classic tones like cherry, maple, and mahogany. On the flip side, if you're looking to make your interiors pop, go with a trend setting finish like Gray Steel or Textured Sea Salt from Mayline. These trendy wood grain tones are a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly similar options that do little to distinguish interiors from each other.

Sit To Stand Desktop AttachmentSit to stand workstations are latest craze. They quickly and easily clamp on to nearly any desk surface to provide users with the ability to avoid the health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time. A healthy mix of sit to stand operation will have you healthy in the workplace. That being said, all sit to stand desktop attachments are not created equal. Those like the Volante from Systematix reign supreme! Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that aren't build to last. This professional grade attachment is ready, willing, and able to meet the demands of the modern work day.

OFM Vivo StoolLast but certainly not least, allow us to showcase an ultra cool workplace solution that's anything but ordinary. The OFM Vivo stool is a must have office add-on that's available for just $156.99. This height adjustable perch stool is lightweight, comfortable, easy to transport, and available in ultra cool color options. The 2800 model Vivo stool swivels, tilts, and rotates to ensure comfort from every angle. The integrated rear handle makes the Vivo stool a breeze to tote from space to space. This new office product from OFM is sure to be a hit with interior designers and industry professionals looking for x-factor items to make their projects pop.

In the long run, your office furniture and seating should be used to promote comfort and productivity while making a professional statement. As always, style is a preference. Do your best to select products that showcase your individual personality without being overly generic and ordinary. The results will speak for themselves!

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