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How To Design A New Office Like The Pros

How To Design A New Office Like The Pros
Creating professional office interiors doesn't have to be a headache. With effective planning and strategizing you can design efficient work environments that are in style and ready to meet the demands of modern business. Today on the blog we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to rock your project from start to finish. Enjoy!

The pros always start their projects with space planning and you should too. Don't rush out to shop for new furniture for office interiors without first determining what will fit. Take the time to measure your space effectively.

Scale the perimeter of your interior out on paper and make note of all room obstructions such as entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect your layout. Once you've got your dimensions, double check them for accuracy. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing all new furniture, only to find that it doesn't fit upon arrival.

Have you set a budget? It's a must! All the pros work with their teams to create a reasonable budget they can live with at the beginning of each project. Doing so helps to avoid over spending and splurging on luxurious desks and office add-ons that are more "want" than "need".

The professionals also work together to create estimated project competition timelines. If you don't set a timeline for your project, it can drag on endlessly and leave no end in sight. Before purchasing new furniture, make it a point to inquire about manufacturing and ship times that will affect your timeline.

Typically in-stock office furniture will leave the factory in approximately 2 days after purchase. Transit times vary, but it's usually about 3 to 5 additional days depending on the freight carrier.

On the other hand, made to order furniture and custom products will take significantly longer. You'll be looking at about 3 to 4 weeks for manufacturing so plan accordingly.

Pro Tip: Try to purchase your furniture and office seating from a single manufacturer if possible. Doing so will cut down on the number of shipments you'll have to receive. It will also save you time!

To recap, you'll want to start your project on the right foot with effective space planning, budgeting, and creating a timeline. Once these 3 essential steps have been tackled, you're ready to shop! We recommend hitting a local furniture showroom to get a little design inspiration. You'll also be rewarded with a ton of product knowledge and ideas on how to make your interior the best it can be.

If you don't have a showroom in your area, take your inspiration quest to the web. Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram have become a favorite of professional designers looking for cool remodeling ideas.

When it's time to shop, the pros always focus on value to maximize the budget. Rest assured, there's an abundance of awesome ways to save big.

5 Ways To Save On New Office Furniture:

  1. Coupons & Promo Codes
  2. Sign Up For Newsletters
  3. Clearance & Closeouts
  4. Bulk Discounts
  5. Free Shipping Specials  
You'll also want to avoid cheap knock offs and imitations that aren't built to last. Selecting quality furniture and office chairs you can rely on is a must.

5 Full Service Furniture and Seating Manufacturers You Can Trust:
  1. Mayline
  2. Cherryman Industries
  3. Global Total Office
  4. OFM
  5. Offices To Go

Once you've purchase your office furniture, the real work begins. If you've purchased quick shipping furniture, make sure to inquire with your dealer about tracking information 24 hours after you've placed your order. This will give you a window to get your interior prepped and ready.

To get your interior ready for the addition of new furniture, you'll first want to remove the old stuff. If you're planning to sell it to recapture some funds (always a great idea) take pictures before you disassemble it.

With your furniture removed, give your interior a thorough cleaning. Clean your windows, vacuum the floors, and dust to ensure a fresh canvas. Now is also the perfect time to lay on a fresh coat of paint. Trying to tackle this step once new furniture has been installed can be very dangerous.

The day before your products are scheduled to arrive, create a staging area outside of the interior your remodeling. This will allow you to bring in one item at a time for assembly. Taking everything into your interior at the same time will make for a very cramped assembly process.

Pro Tip: Once your furniture has been fully assembled, there's going to be a ton of debris. Plan to have lots of trash bags available. There's also going to be a lot of cardboard boxes to break down. Prepare accordingly.

In the long run, designing professional office interiors like the pros takes a little practice. That being said, you probably won't have the opportunity to do it more than a couple of times each year at most. We recommend creating a list of tips to follow throughout the process to keep you on track. When all ease fails, remember to take it slow. It's not a race. Pace yourself and work with your team to maximize comfort, appeal, and versatility.

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