Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Need A Custom Desk? Global Has You Covered!

Custom Office Furniture from GlobalIf you're tired of traditional desk collections that all look the same, we feel your pain. The furniture world is filled with imitators that jump on the bandwagon and do little to help shoppers distinguish their interiors from the competition. Thankfully, Global has you covered! Their custom desks and modular add-ons make it easy to craft truly unique work environments that are ahead of the curve. Today we'll take a look at a few of Global's best selling desk collections and their exceptional benefits.

Global Adaptabilities DeskTrying to decide between modern and traditional furniture for your interior? Combine the best of both worlds with Adaptabilities! This line of modular executive furniture from Global Total Office provides unrivaled versatility and the well rounded good looks needed to make a lasting impression on your valued visitors. Adaptabilities components are available in more than 20 laminate finish options to help shoppers and designers get creative with their projects.

Global Princeton FurnitureThe Global Princeton furniture collection is ready, willing, and able to help you craft elite single and multi user desk configurations designed to encourage collaboration. This creative line of custom desks and modular components blends retro and mid century characteristics that are unlike anything on the market today. Global Princeton series office desks offer users the ability to grow and add-on as business needs increase.

Global Correlation FurnitureGoing custom doesn't necessarily mean your interior has to be overly modern. If you're looking to keep things simple and classy, we recommend the components from the Global Correlation collection. With a variety of surface shapes, connecting bridges, hutch units, and modular storage components available, the Correlation is the perfect option for traditional furniture shoppers looking to get creative with their workspace.

Global Corby FurnitureGlobal's all new Corby office furniture collection has only been on the market for a couple of weeks now and it's already turning heads. The mid century modern table desks and storage components from this hot new line are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of today's top design teams. Corby is the perfect option for custom furniture shoppers looking to think outside the box. The retro inspired components from this line may look like a blast from the past, but they're available with high tech power options to streamline your daily tasking.

Global Zira Desk LayoutWe've saved our favorite Global office furniture collection for last! We're partial to the Zira line because it's incredibly customizable. Zira desk configurations can be personalized with unique handle pulls, frosted glass paneling, and so much more. Fashionable Zira series desk layouts with two tone finishes will no doubt showcase your design prowess. With thousands of components available, the options are truly limitless with this best selling collection. As an added bonus, this full service office furniture line offers a variety of power ready conference room tables and designer reception desks to help outfit your adjacent interiors with a cohesive vibe that'll impress even the harshest critics.

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