Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Office Chair Reviews: Novello Seating by Global Total Office

Global Novello Chair ReviewNobody does professional office seating better than Global. This respected brand has made it their mission to craft next level chairs that promote an unrivaled combination of comfort and appeal. Today we'll be taking a look at one of Global's newest collections, Novello. These swanky multi purpose chairs designed by Alessandro Piretti are like nothing you've ever seen. Prepare to be impressed.

Global Novello Task ChairStyle: 

If you're tired of the same old office chair styles, you're not alone. Sadly, the world has become filled with cheap knock offs and imitations. Thankfully, Alessandro Piretti and the team at Global were willing to think outside of the box. Take one look at Novello and you'll see what we mean. These ultra stylish office chairs can be customized from top to bottom. The base, frame, arms, and upholstery can all be spec'd by the user to craft a truly personalized sitting experience.

Novello 6400 Modern Office ChairErgonomics:

The Novello collection was deigned to be simple and contemporary. You won't find a long list of ergonomic attributes with this collection. That being said, all models do come standard with wide 5 star bases for stability and pneumatic cylinders that control operating height. Novello chairs boast contoured waterfall style seats that relieve knee pressure and improve blood flow. We personally prefer Novello chairs with arms as they're more comfortable for everyday computing and light tasking. All models considered, we feel the 6400 model Novello chair is the most well rounded as it has the most to offer in terms of features and functionality.

Global Novello Drafting Chair with Foot RingApplications:

Here's where the Novello collection really shines. These chairs are great for just about any application imaginable. Armless models like the 6401 are perfect for professional conference and meeting area seating needs. It's also easy to picture these designer chairs in college classrooms. Additionally, Novello tasking models like the 6402 are great for daily computing. Last but not least, a Novello series modern drafting chair with foot ring like the 6412 will be an instant favorite of interior designers and architects. These chairs are durable, easy to use, and even easier to clean!
Novello Armless Task Chair

Novello office chair are surprisingly affordable by industry standards. Most of today's top rated chairs cost upwards of $500.00, while the baseline 6401 model Novello series armless office chair with poly back is just $337.99. Fully upholstered Novello task chairs like the 6402 are slightly more expensive at $399.99. The most expensive option from this trendy new collection is the 6412 model fully upholstered drafting chair with arms. It's $449.99, which is still a really great buy in our opinion.


Novello Office Chair RatingAfter careful review, we are pleased to give the Novello collection a 4 out of 5 star rating. Our main critiques were that Novello chairs are only available in 1 back height, adjustable arms are not available, and theres no mechanism choices that work well for intensive operating. That said, this is a new collection and we wouldn't put it passed Global to improve it. Overall, Novello is very well rounded with models available for tasking, computing, classroom, conference room, and drafting. These chairs are among the most stylish on the market today. If you're looking ways to keep your office interiors up to date with the latest trends, Novello has your back. Literally!

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