Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Office Couture: Stylish Boardroom Solutions

Zira Conference and Boardroom FurnitureA well designed boardroom will help you make a lasting impression on your valued office guests. With a fashionable meeting area you'll be able to keep your visitors more entertained and attentive throughout important strategizing sessions. Today in our new series 'Office Couture' we'll highlight the stylish tables, chairs, and accessories needed to help you take your boardroom to the next level. Prepare to be impressed!

The table you select for your project will say a lot about your space. As the main focal point of your meeting area, it's important to choose a boardroom table that's up to date with the latest trends. This year, you can't go wrong with a Zira series conference room table from Global Total Office. They're available in a variety of fashionable finish options, surface shapes, and sizes. Zira tables are also offered with powered surfaces to help streamline your meetings!

Conference Room AccessoriesYou'll no doubt want to compliment your boardroom table with a few matching components to create a cohesive feel while simultaneously boosting meeting efficiency. Lucky for you, the Zira collection offers a wide range of modern beverage carts, multi media cabinets, and presentation boards to rock your remodel.

Mayline TransAction FurnitureGlobal isn't the only office furniture brand crafting elite boardroom solutions. Not by a long shot! The team at Mayline is ready, wiling, and able to turn your meeting area into a business minded work of art. The tables from the Mayline TransAction collection offer a heavy duty industrial vibe and modern look that's sure to impress even the harshest critics. These power ready tables are ahead of their time. The TransAction series also offers matching open concept benching and modular workstation for your adjacent interiors.

Medina Conference TableInterior design teams and industry professionals love the Mayline Medina collection. It's cost effective, trendy, and versatile. A Mayline Medina boardroom table with a powered top will have your office visitors thinking you spent a small fortune on your remodel. In unique finishes like Textured Sea Salt and Gray Steel, Medina tables will help you create a swanky coastal vibe that can't be topped in 2017.

Boardroom BookcaseAgain, boardroom accessories are a must. They should be selected to improve corporate appeal, organizing, and versatility. That's the great thing about the Medina collection. It has everything you need to create a top of the line space. From bookcases to presentation boards, the components from this cost effective lines are a cut above the competition.

Ribbed Back Boardroom ChairDon't think for a second that we forgot about the importance of quality boardroom seating. No way! Keeping your guests comfortable is an absolute must. This year, you'll want to kick those old school executive style chairs with overstuffed cushions to the curb. These days it's all about sleek European style boardroom seating that maximizes table space without sacrificing comfort. Take a look at the Joplin ribbed back chair from Woodstock Marketing and you'll see what we mean.

Modway Jive ChairIf you're not careful, you can blow the boardroom budget on seating in a flash. That's why it's important to select cost effective, comfortable chairs from a manufacturer you can trust. We recommend checking out the EEI-273 model Jive mid back office chair from Modway. It's available in 8 quick shipping color options to compliment your furniture. With padded arm rests, chrome accents, and a ribbed back look, this chair is an absolute bargain at just $193.99.

Flip Seat Nesting Chair for Boardroom UseIf you want to think outside the box with your boardroom seating, you can't go wrong with a flip seat nesting chair like the 6765C from the Global Spritz collection. It's comfortable, saves space, and will no doubt keep your space up to date with the latest trends. Flip seat nesting chairs for training and boardroom applications can be staged horizontally along perimeter walls when not in use to maximize square footage. They can be configured in limitless ways to encourage team interaction and creativity. Pairing nesting chairs with connectable flip top tables like those from the Global Bungee collection will really help you kick operational versatility into high gear.

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