Monday, May 8, 2017

What's New? Global Beam Seating Collections

Beam Seating Solutions by GlobalThe industry titans at Global never fail to impress. They take pride in crafting elite seating solutions designed to maximize corporate comfort and appeal. This season, Global has introduced stunning new beam chair collections that will absolutely rock your guest waiting areas. Today we'll highlight a few of our favs and their benefits. Enjoy!

1.) Duet

Duet Powered Beam Seating by Global

The Duet guest seating collection has been a favorite for healthcare waiting environments. The chairs from this innovative line provide exceptional durability. Duet seating surfaces are constructed of high density polypropylene. They're easy to clean and very comfortable. Duet beam chair configurations like the DUT504 even come equipped with power modules to improve the guest waiting experience. With USB and AC inputs, office visitors can use their devices while they wait without fear of draining precious battery life.

2.) Popcorn

Global's Popcorn series beam chair configurations are second to none. First and foremost, they're ultra stylish. The attachable chairs from the Popcorn collection are available in 10 attractive color options that can be mixed and matched to create totally custom layouts that showcase your personal style. With 3, 4, and 5 seat variations available with and without laminate side tables, the Popcorn beam seating collection is perfect for interiors of any size. Three user configurations like the POP501 are available starting at $655.99.

3.) Sidero

Global Sidero Beam Seating

Not feeling the polypropylene seats? No problem! The fully upholstered beam chairs from the Global Sidero collection have you covered. These ultra comfortable office seating solutions with natural lumbar support will have your guests impressed in no time. Sidero guest reception style benches are perfect for both modern and traditionally inspired remodeling projects. With an abundance of fabric and leather textile options available, the possibilities are truly endless.

4.) Sonic 

Global Sonic Beam Seating

How about the best of both worlds? Global's Sonic beam chair collection combines both fabric and polypropylene surfaces to ensure long term durability and high end appeal. If the average guest chairs for a waiting room just won't cut it, Sonic is definitely worth a look. With innovative table tops, Sonic beams can be connected to form corner-ready layouts and U shaped designs to help maximize your available square footage and seating potential.

5.) Vion

Global Vion Beam Seating

We've saved our favorite Global beam seating collection for last. While the Vion layouts won't be available for another week or so, we couldn't wait to tell you about them. These mesh back beam style reception chairs are absolutely stunning. With the same great comfort qualities showcased on the executive task chairs from this popular line, Vion beam chairs promote healthy posture during guest visits. With unique mesh and seat color combinations you can use Vion beam chairs to be the focal point of your remodel, or simply blend in with your accenting furniture. This highly respected collection is a favorite of design teams and industry professionals. You can now officially use Vion chairs in the waiting room, training room, work floor, conference room, and executive office.

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