Tuesday, June 20, 2017

6 Great Ways To Accessorize Your Lobby

Is your lobby in a need of a little love? We've got you covered. Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll teach you 6 great ways to accessorize your space. From modern lighting fixtures to tablet arm chairs, the tips, design advice, and product suggestions provided here will have your welcoming area earning the compliments it deserves in no time.

1.) Modern Lighting Fixtures

Unique Lobby with Cool Lighting Fixtures

Cool lighting fixtures will do wonders for your lobby. The best part is, you can find them just about anywhere. Traditional lighting stores can be a bit pricey, but the selection is sure to be great. Alternatively, shoppers looking to maximize the lobby makeover budget will definitely want to check out flea markets, swap meets, and antique stores for second hand fixtures. The modern-industrial look is definitely hot this year and you'll find plenty of unique lighting options available from second hand stores in your city.

2.) Window Treatments

Lobby Window Treatments

All too often, businesses allow boring white blinds to drag down corporate appeal. If you want to make an instant impression on guests, give them something cool to look at the moment they walk in the door. Unique window treatments will make an instant impact. While you'll probably want to enlist the help of the pros for this task, the end result will be ample wow factor and a more well rounded interior that blows away the competition.

*Window treatments can definitely be pricey. If the remodeling budget is tight, at least open up your existing blinds to let in some natural light. It will do wonders for your interior!

3.) Succulents & Potted Plants

Cool Plants for the Lobby

It's time to kick those old school faux plants to the curb. They look fake and provide little in terms of appeal. Alternatively, cool potted plants and succulents will make your lobby feel alive.

Accessorizing your lobby with succulents and potted plants is a breeze. They're super popular so every plant nursery and hardware store with a garden section will have a variety of cool options to choose from. The best part is, they're easy to care for and maintain as they require minimal light and watering.

4.) Area Rugs

Cool Area Rug for The Lobby

You can also accessorize your welcoming area with a couple of cool area rugs. They'll help make your lobby side chair upholsteries pop. That being said, you'll probably want to avoid crazy patterns that over power your furniture. Check out your local home stores when you have a chance. Area rugs go on sale often!

5.) Fashionable Side Tables

Unique Lobby Side Table

There's something to be said for cool accent tables. Businesses often invest in cool furniture and seating and then fail to properly enhance their new components with side tables that pull the vibe together.

We recommend accessorizing your lobby with fashionable side tables from a brand like Modway. They have a huge selection of modern and traditionally inspired tables that won't break the bank.

6.) Tablet Chairs

Lobby guest chairs with tablet arms

Last but not least, you can accessorize your interior while simultaneously improving the guest experience with tablet arm seating. Reputable brands like Mayline, OFM, and Global Total Office are paving the way with unique options for your space. A guest chair with a tablet arm will allow visitors to work while they wait without resting their laptop in their laps. Tablet chairs are perfect for hotel lobbies, doctors offices, and just about any type of welcoming area you can think of!

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