Thursday, June 8, 2017

Focus On The Fundamentals For A Successful Office Makeover

Office Space Planning And Design Tips for Success
If you're planning an upcoming office makeover project, you're in the right place. Here at the blog we love to provide our readers with the design tips and space planning advice needed to rock their remodels. Today we'll be covering the key fundamentals you need to focus on throughout the process. From budgeting to installation, we've got you covered.

1.) Budgeting

Before you rush out and purchase a ton of fancy furniture, it's a good idea to set a budget for your project. Overspending can leave you dealing with a major case of office remodeling remorse. Work with your team to create a budget analysis that highlights must have items, and those that can be added down the road to improve your space.

By emphasizing the core elements of your project up front, you'll be able to stay on track and under budget. For example; If you're tackling a private office makeover project, you'll want to budget for a professional desk, ergonomic chair, wall cabinet, and a few interior accents to make your space pop. Additional elements can be added later once your initial space has been configured.

2.) Space Planning

Obtaining accurate dimensions of your space is a must. Rest assured, there's nothing worse than purchasing all new office furniture, only to find that it doesn't fit properly upon arrival.

Draw out a rough sketch of your space. If you can do it to scale, that's even better. Next you'll need to run a tape measurer around the perimeter of your interior. Be sure to take note of all entry ways, windows, and room obstructions that will affect the way your components are situated. Write down your dimensions along the outside of your sketch. This will give you a great idea of how much room you have to work with.

*Take your time and always double check your dimensions for accuracy. You might even consider having a trusted coworker triple check them.

3.) Design Inspiration & Trend Research

The pros are always on the hunt for design inspiration. In truth, it's very easy to find! If you have an office furniture showroom in your area, give it a visit. You'll be rewarded with a ton of makeover ideas and product knowledge.

If you don't have a showroom in your area, take your inspiration quest to the world wide wide. Social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be a big help.

You no doubt want to create a fashionable office interior that's up to date and looking great. That's why trend research is important. Here's 10 of the hottest trends to consider for your project...

  1. White Office Furniture
  2. Gray Office Chairs
  3. Powered Conference Tables
  4. Sit To Stand Desks
  5. Tablet Arm Chairs
  6. European Style Office Chairs
  7. Writing Desks
  8. Coastal Inspired Office Furniture
  9. Retro Desks
  10. Industrial Lighting Fixtures

4.) Comfort & Productivity

When the time comes to shop, remember that selecting stylish furniture is important, but comfort and productivity reign supreme. Even the best looking office space won't be effective if it's not built around the core fundamentals of comfort.

Office comfort starts with the chair. Selecting a high quality ergonomic office chair that's ready for the demands of the modern work day is a must. As not all office chairs are created equal, avoid cheap knock offs and imitations at all cost. You can't go wrong with a new office chair from a reputable manufacturer like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, or SitWell.

In addition to your chair, you should strive to improve comfort and productivity with a few key ergonomic accessories. We've highlighted the top three and their benefits below.

  1. Ergonomic Monitor Arm: Increases usable desk space, reduces visual strain, and improves the rate at which users compute.
  2. Articulating Keyboard Tray: Increases usable desk space while encouraging healthy computing angles that reduce the risk of office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  3. Sit To Stand Desktop Riser: Promotes continuous movement in the workplace, improves blood flow, reduces fatigue, and eliminates the need for extended sits that can be damaging to your health.

5.) Space Prep & Installation

Once you've purchased your new office furniture, request tracking information from your dealer. This will provide you with the prep window needed to get your space ready for its makeover. About one week before your furniture arrives, start purging out your old file cabinet drawers. Remove your old furniture and give your space a thorough cleaning.

*Now that you have a blank canvas, it's the perfect time to patch any unsightly wall marks and lay on a fresh coat of paint. It will do wonders for your office appeal.

The day before your furniture arrives, you'll want to create a staging area outside the space that's being remodeled. Avoid brining in all the large boxes at once. This makes for a cramped assembly process. Alternatively, bring in one box at a time from your staging area. This will give you a lot more room to work with.

*Once your furniture has been assembled, you'll be left with a ton of boxes and packing materials in need of disposal. Prepare accordingly!

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