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How To Create A Cozy Home Office

How To Create A Cozy Home Office
Much like your kitchen, living room, and patio, you no doubt want to create a home office that feels cozy and welcoming. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll highlight the tips, products, and design advice needed to make your home office interior the best it can be. Enjoy!

Design & Space Planning Advice:

First things first, as your office is typically located towards the front of the home, you need to create a layout that's not going to overpower the rest of the furniture in your house. Your best bet is an open concept remodel. Overcrowding your personal office with too many pieces will make your space feel cramped. Alternatively, an open concept remodel will make your home office feel welcoming and spacious.

Fashionable At Home Writing Desk
We recommend basing your makeover around a fashionable writing desk. They feel open and look great. As most at-home work is handled on laptops these days, a writing desk is the perfect option for your space. If your space is large enough, there's nothing wrong with going with a traditional U shaped executive style desk. Just be careful when measuring! They can eat up your available square footage in a hurry. Remember, an open feel is what you're going for to make your space feel inviting.

Selecting Your Furniture:

White Home Office DeskThe furniture you select for your office makeover project should flow with the rest of the decor in your home. If your home is modern, your best bet is going to be modern furniture with similar flair. If your home is traditional, classic wood veneer furniture is going to be your best bet. Don't go with an off the wall theme that clashes with the rest of the tables, cabinets, and seating in your home.

Need a few recommendations? We've got you covered! Those looking to keep things on the cutting edge with a modern vibe will want to check out collections like e5 from Mayline. This fashionable line of modular writing desks, U shaped configurations, and innovative storage components will help you create a cozy, contemporary feel your guests will no doubt compliment upon entering your space.

Affordable Home Office DeskTraditionally themed projects will likely be based around classic wood veneer furnishings. We recommend the Emerald collection from Cherryman Industries. It's luxurious and sure to earn an abundance of compliments.

If you're funds are limited, have no fear. Brands like Modway are ready to help you create a cozy workspace without breaking the bank. Their writing desks like the Tinker and Warp are excellent options to consider.

Choosing Your Finishes:

Paint Finishes for Home Office
The furniture finish you select is also important. You can definitely create a cozy feel with both light and dark options. In terms of light finishes, tones like walnut and cherry are preferred. They're classics that never go out of style. If you're going for a more modern feel, consider white! Traditional dark woods like Mahogany are also great options that will help you create a warm feel that's inviting and professional.

Walnut Office Furniture FinishIt's always a good idea to get swatches from your dealer of choice before making a purchase. This is a great way to avoid remodeling remorse. In most cases, office furniture finish samples can be sent overnight for a quick review that won't delay your project.

Once you've decided on a furniture finish, you need to choose an accenting paint color to pull out the natural look of the wood. If you've selected a light tone like walnut, go with a darker paint color that allows the furniture to remain the focal point of your space. Darker furniture finishes like mahogany can be effectively paired with light paint colors like yellow and blue for the same affect.

Fashionable White Leather Home Office ChairSelect Your Office Chair:

Office comfort starts with the chair! When the time comes to choose a chair for your home office, you'll be met with a huge selection. Create a budget before you start shopping because the price spectrum is equally vast. In most cases, home office shoppers typically spend between $200.00 and $500.00 on a new chair to compliment their furniture.

If you have a showroom in your area, give it a visit. you'll be rewarded with a ton of ergonomic advice that will come in handy when selecting your chair. As not all chairs are created equal, there's really no substitute for a good sit test. If there's not a showroom in your area, definitely take the time to check out reviews online. They'll be a big help in the selection process.

Trendy Home Office ChairIf you want to create a cozy feel with your home office, there's no substitute for leather. These days, you don't have to splurge on genuine leather either. Faux variations can be more durable and easier to clean in some cases!

Light wood furniture finishes are typically a bit easier to pair with an accenting leather color. Tones like walnut work well with everything from office chairs in white to black. If you've opted for a darker wood like mahogany, go with a rich leather upholstery like burgundy, tan, or dark brown.

As the search for the perfect office chair can be a bit time consuming and difficult to say the least, we recommend staring your search with brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Modway. They have high quality options for every style and budget that won't let you down.

Accenting Your Space:

Home Office Accent LightingTo make your home office feel cozy and welcoming, you can't stop with a fresh paint job, new furniture, and a comfy chair. Bring your interior to life with natural lighting and accents. If you can, switch out those old blinds for plantation shutters. They'll do wonders for the whole home as they make it easy to let in natural light which is a big plus.

Feel free to showcase your personal achievements, degrees, and awards in your space. That being said, to create a cozy feel you'll definitely want to show off some family photos. They're what draw people in for a closer look.

Home Office Plantation ShuttersAdditionally, you can take your home office space to the next level with cost lighting fixtures, wall art, plants, and area rugs. Choose your accents wisely as they can either pull your space together, or make it feel overdone. Accents should not be added all at once. Integrate them over the course of a couple weeks to ensure you select just the right items.

When accenting your office space don't be afraid to think outside the box. Anyone can shop at traditional home stores. Make your interior feel unique with one of a kind items from your local antique store, boutique, farmer's market, and swap meet!

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