Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Never Too Late To Improve Your Workspace!

When it comes to office comfort and productivity, you can't procrastinate. The business world is always evolving, and new products are hitting the market everyday that are designed to take your personal performance to the next level. If you've been on the fence about committing to an ergonomically correct work life, we encourage you to check out the advanced products showcased today on the blog.

Volante Desktop Riser for Sit To Stand OperatingThis year, the sit to stand revolution is in full swing. Brands like OFM and Systematix are paving the way with clamp on desktop risers designed to keep you active in the workplace. As sitting for long periods of time will cause even the best posture habits to suffer, it's important to spend a little time working while standing up. Desktop risers like the Volante will keep your muscles from stiffening up. They promote good blood flow and will help you stay productive as taking a short break once an hour isn't always practical!

Sit To Stand Office StoolThe options available to improve your space are plentiful. It's okay to take your time when selecting add-ons to improve your work day. That being said, we've got a can't miss solution that you'll definitely benefit from. The all new OFM 2800 model Vivo perch stool is an absolute winner. This versatile new product swivels, tilts, and rotates to help you conquer the work day. The Perch stool is the perfect option for any worker who's invested in a sit to stand desktop riser like the one mentioned above. At just $156.99, it's also a total bargain buy!

Weight Sensing Office ChairIt's never too late to improve your sit. Office chairs are evolving at a staggering pace. In 2017, brands like Global Total Office are hard at work crafting elite office chairs that automatically adjust to the weight of the user to ensure effortless operating. An auto responding chair like the Spritz will take the guess work out of achieving good posture. With a weight sensing mechanism, Spritz chairs like the 6750-8 are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Make the switch and you'll wonder how you ever lived without one of these high performance seating solutions.

ESI Monitor ArmAre you still flipping back and forth between tabs using a single computer screen? Yikes! There's definitely a better way to tackle your daily tasks. You can quickly improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously reducing visual strain and increasing usable desk space with a dual screen system. We recommend the EDGE2 from ESI. It's affordable, extremely well made, and easy to install. This ergonomically correct monitor arm is also great for the home!

Drifter Power Module by Symmetry OfficeStop venturing underneath your desk to route wires and charge devices amidst a sea of crumbs and fallen stationary. Improve your workspace with surface level power! Units like the Drifter module from Symmetry Office are a must consider for any workspace. With a combination of USB and AC inputs, the Drifter is ready to rock your work day.

Retractable Keyboard TrayLast but certainly not least, there's something to be said for computing at health angles. If your still working with your keyboard tray sitting atop your desk, it's not too late to make a change. Get healthy with an articulating keyboard tray that mounts underneath the desk surface. You'll be instantly rewarded with additional operating space and the adjustment capabilities needed to help you find office epidemics like carpal tunnel syndrome. Nearly every reputable office product manufacturer on the planet offers some form of keyboard tray. We love the options from reputable brands like Global Total Office, ESI, Systematix, and Symmetry Office. They're well made, easy to attach, and cost effective.

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