Monday, June 5, 2017

Volante Desktop Attachments Now Available In White!

Volante Desktop Riser Review
Desktop risers are cool, but they do little to improve corporate appeal. When you spend a ton of money on new office furniture, you don't want to dull down your image with a big eye sore sitting on top of your desk regardless of how ergonomically correct it makes you. Thankfully, the team at Systematix has our needs in mind. Their all new Volante desktop attachments in white are sure to make a fashionable statement you can be proud of!

Volante Desktop AttachmentFirst and foremost, let's take a minute to discuss why you need a sit to stand desktop attachment in the first place. As you sit for long periods of time, your muscles stiffen up and blood flow is restricted. When this happens, office enemies like fatigue creep in and limit productivity levels.

Height Adjustable Desktop AttachmentWith a sit to stand riser like the Volante from Systematix you can fight back. For most of us, taking breaks once an hour to avoid extended sits is impractical. With a riser you can switch to a health minded stand up operating position in a flash to keep your work pace without the risks associated with extended sitting sessions.

White Sit To Stand Workstation
The problem is, desktop risers look like giant paper weights on top of nice wood, glass, and metal desk finishes. They take up a lot of space and really don't do much to improve the high class office vibe your no doubt striving for.

Rest assured, Systematix has solve the problem. The Volante white height adjustable desk attachment is an absolute winner in white. It's modern, cutting edge, and sure to enhance your space rather than drag it down in the name of ergonomics.

White Height Adjustable Desk RiserThis all new white desktop add-on works with just about any surface imaginable. It come standard with aa ergonomically correct keyboard platform that tilts and encourages healthy computing angles. The Volante boasts a spacious surface that will work with two 24" monitors.

*On a side note, if you're still working with a single screen system, make the switch. You're immediately cut down on the time spent flipping between tabs. While once considered a trend, dual monitor systems are now the industry standard.

The Volante sit to stand workstation from Systematix ships fully assembled for $299.99. By industry standards, this is an absolute bargain buy. This professional grade product is ready, willing, and able to outwork the competing models on the market that are far more suited for home applications.

Volante White Sit To Stand Desktop AttachmentAt full extension, the Volante surface raises to 20" above the standard 29" high desk surfaces. This heavy duty unit is able to support up to 35 pounds. A primary work surface grommet is also standard that makes for simplified cable management and installation.

In the long run, there's plenty of popular desks for stand up working available in 2017. We prefer the Volante because it's incredibly well made, value priced, and now very stylish. After a careful review and testing session, our team decided to upgrade all of our workstations with these handy ergo tools. We feel comfortable giving both the white and black Volante risers the seal of approval. That said, the white is just way cooler!

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