Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Must Have Products For Your Ergonomic Arsenal

To be at your best in the workplace, you need a variety of ergonomically correct tools to help you remain productive and comfortable. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll be highlighting 5 awesome ergonomic products that are sure to do just that. From a responsive office chair to a retractable CPU holder, we'll showcase the must have components for your ergo arsenal.

1.) Responsive Chair

Responsive Office Chair That Mimics Movement

Office comfort starts with the chair. A high quality office chair will lay the foundation for an ergonomically correct interior that's built for healthy operating. That being said, responsive office chairs are the way of the future. They minimize the ergonomic learning curve by doing the adjusting for you. A responsive office chair with an articulating back like the 2710L Shadow chair from Global will flex in response to your activity to encourage ongoing postural movement and small muscle activity throughout intensive work days. Alternative options include Global's 6671-2 Arti chair, Mayline's Living chair, and the Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating.

2.) Sit To Stand Riser

Sit To Stand Work Surface Attachment

The sit to stand ergonomic office furniture revolution is in full swing. We've learned that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. This means it's a good idea to spend a little time each day working from the standing position, especially if hourly breaks just aren't practical. This year, brands like Systematix and OFM have crafted professional grade work surface attachments that raise and lower to promote sit to stand operating and continuous muscle movement. Sit to stand risers are great for both home and business use.

3.) Dual Monitor System

Dual Monitor Arm Attachment

It's time to step outside the limitations of a single screen operating system. With a two screen monitor arm attachment you'll instantly create more usable desk space while simultaneously cutting down on the time spent flipping between the open tabs in your browser. Dual monitor arms from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions will also allow you to raise your computer screens to eye level where they belong to reduce visual strain and neck pain.

4.) Articulating Keyboard Platform

Articulating Keyboard Platform

If you're still working with your keyboard tray sitting atop your work surface, it's time for a change. Articulating keyboards that attach underneath the desk will help you compute healthy and efficiently while simultaneously creating additional desk space. Articulating keyboard trays encourage correct computing angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These days, you can't afford to work without one!

5.) Retractable CPU Holder

CPU Holder That Mounts Under The Desk

Last but certainly not least, you'll definitely want to add a retractable CPU holder to your ergonomic arsenal. The ability to get your computer power source up off the ground will protect it from flood damage and even theft. As it sits now,  your CPU is likely taking up a ton of floor space. You've probably even banged your legs on it once or twice. With a retractable CPU holder that mounts under the desk surface you'll be able to create more usable space while providing yourself with easier access to regularly used USB and data inputs.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mayline ML Tables Offer Exceptional Workplace Benefits!

Mayline ML Tables
The team at Mayline is ready, willing, and able to help you kick ergonomic functionality and corporate appeal into high gear with the height adjustable tables from their ML collection. This line of collaborative sit to stand furniture is great for single and multi user applications. Today on the blog we'll review the ML collection and it's unique benefits.

Mayline ML Height Adjustable TablesMayline ML tables are distinctively modern. With clean lines and metal legs, the height adjustable work tables from this collection offer an industrial vibe. If you're planning to invest in ergonomic furniture, you'll no doubt want to use it regularly. That's where the ML collection excels. These tables are built to last and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

You'll love ML tables for their collaborative capabilities. The ability to create ergonomically correct multi user workstations will help your business kick productivity levels into high gear.

Collaborative Height Adjustable Work Tables
While traditional high wall panel furniture systems are great for privacy, collaborative tables are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of growing businesses as they keep workers engaged with one another. With a collaborative table layout from the ML collection, the creative ideas will be flowing and your valued employees will be working healthy at the same time.

That's not to say you can't create privacy with an ML table configuration. You can! This tables from this innovative line are available with surface level modesty panels that reduce noise and create just the right amount of privacy without sacrificing your collaborative efforts.

TableLet's get into the specifics, shall we? ML tables were designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace. They reduce the need for extended sitting sessions that can cause serious health problems. All ML tables feature heavy duty steel legs and 1 1/8" thick scratch resistant laminate surfaces that are able to support up to 220 pounds and still raise to standing height.

ML collaborative ergonomic tables are available in a variety of surface shapes from rectangular to wedge. The 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor draws a maximum of 3 amps and allows the table to adjust in height at .75" per second via a simple control switch.

Feeling a little confused? Don't be. To simplify, the height adjustable tables from the Mayline ML collection are easy to use and operate. They won't let you down when you need them most because they're well built and heavy duty. Rest assured, Mayline's attention to detail is second to none.

Mayline ML Sit To Stand Work SurfacesMayline ML tables are high tech, and yes they're a bit pricey. Stand alone ML tables like the 5222448H are available starting at just under seven hundred bucks. This 48" x 24" height adjustable work table and its counter parts are available in 9 finish options that pair great with silver bases. Larger ML workstations like the 53346LLH provide feature L shaped surfaces and lots of operating space. They're available for under $1300.00.

Mayline ML Group Workstation with Monitor ArmsML tables are great on their own, but with a few ergonomic accessories they can really take performance to the next level. Mayline has crafted awesome monitor arms and complimenting upgrades that should be considered for any business considering the tables from this collection.

It's hard to beat the tables from the ML collection. They provide exceptional ergonomic benefits while simultaneously boosting collaboration. These heavy duty workstations are available with the full range of accessories needed to keep your employees at their best. If you're ready make the jump into ergonomics, this high tech line of furniture is ready to have your back!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Deal Of The Week: Multi-Purpose Chair Packs On Sale!

When the time comes to purchase new office chairs for your business, it's a good idea to hunt for value priced chair packs. They'll help you maximize your makeover budget. That's where we come in! This week we're offering exclusive chair packs from brands like Mayline, Eurotech, and OFM on sale with free shipping. These versatile seating solutions are perfect for a variety of office applications and won't break the bank. Enjoy!

Mayline Thesis ChairsCheck out this pack of 2 KTX3 Thesis tablet arm training room chairs from Mayline available for $495.00. Thesis chairs provide excellent support and frames that nest to maximize space when not in use. These fashionable chairs are among the most popular options on the market for training, conference, and educational applications.

Eurotech Staq ChairsUp next we've got 4 packs of Eurotech Staq chairs on sale this week for just $368.00. That's less than a hundred bucks per chair. Talk about value! The guest chairs from the Eurotech Staq collection are perfect for waiting room, lobby, and reception area use. Choose from a variety of cool color options to kick corporate appeal into overdrive.

OFM Uno Side ChairsTackling a waiting room makeover project? Rest assured, the seating needed for your space can get pricey. Thankfully, you can save big by purchasing designer chairs like the Uno from OFM. These distinctively modern chairs are available in 2 packs this week at for $382.99.

Stackable Training Room ChairsVersatile, durable, and affordable! Sha Na Na stack chairs from Woodstock Marketing have it all. These easy to clean polypropylene chairs for the training room are on sale this week in 4 pack sets for $636.00. Four in stock color options are available.

iDesk Pommerac StoolsThe iDesk Office Seating collection is fully loaded with multi purpose seating solutions that are ready, willing, and able to provide your business with unrivaled versatility. Take a look at the Pommerac bar stool to see what we mean. These armless polypropylene stools are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Pommerac stools are an excellent option for bistro, break room, and cafe areas. Enjoy them in 2 packs this week only for $469.99.

Global Duet Stack ChairLast but not least, check out this pack of 4 Global Duet 6621 model stackable multi purpose chairs on sale for $346.99 in 10 color options. Duet chairs feature integrated rear handles, durable frames, and high density surfaces. These versatile chairs are great for corporate events, healthcare facilities, training rooms, and classrooms. The 6621 Duet series armless office chair from Global can be stacked up to 12 high on the floor. If you're looking to use the duet in multiple areas, check out the optional dolly that allows the chairs to be stacked up to 40 high. When not in use, Duet chairs can be stored efficiently on the dolly or floor to avoid taking up a ton of your valuable floor space. In addition to the 6621, a variety of other Duet chairs and stools are available in affordable sets this week.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Product Showcase: Mayline Executive Typicals

When you don't want to configure a new office space piece by piece, turn to the executive typicals from Mayline! This industry leader has made it their mission to simplify the office remodeling process with hundreds of fashionable workstations from more than 10 collections. Mayline's desks are second to none and ready to keep your interiors up to date with today's hottest trends. Let's take a look at a few of their most popular options in this edition of Product Showcase!

Executive Desk with A Sit To Stand BridgeLet's kick things off with a typical from Mayline's newest office furniture collection, Sterling. The STL37H2 Sterling layout is a true standout in an industry filled with U shaped desk variations. This elite workstation boasts a height adjustable connecting bridge that promotes constant movement in the office and reduces the need for extended sitting sessions that can be damaging to your health. This high tech executive office desk is available in 3 attractive finish options.

White Medina DeskIt's hard to beat the office furniture from the Mayline Medina collection. This full service line has become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Medina typicals are available in 5 finish options for interiors of any size. We particularly love the MNT40 Medina U shaped desk typical as it's affordable, spacious, and distinctively modern. This popular typical is available in 5 finishes including Textured Sea Salt that will help you create a cool coastal vibe with your makeover.

Mayline Aberdeen Executive TypicalThe Aberdeen collection has been a market favorite for almost 10 years. In a world where furniture collections don't typically stand the test of time, Aberdeen has reigned supreme. The typicals from the Mayline Aberdeen collection are cost effective and stylish. This year Mayline gave the Aberdeen collection a sense of renewed vigor with trendy new finish option known as Gray Steel. This modern woodgrain tone has taken the furniture world by storm. Popular executive wall desk typicals like the AT22 are a must consider in this trendy gray finish.

Mayline e5 Quick Ship TypicalGoing for a modern-industrial vibe? Check out the all new quick ship typicals from the Mayline e5 collection for your project. Once considered a line specifically designed for custom applications, the popularity of e5 opened Mayline's eyes to it's true potential. This collection now offers more than 30 pre packaged typicals that really rock. Popular options like the e5k1 are available starting at just $819.99. This layout for a small office has everything you need to stay organized, in style, and efficient on a budget.

Mayline ST5 Sorrento TypicalThus far we've focused on Mayline's modern typical collections. That being said, we thought we'd wrap up today's post with a line for the traditionalists. If today's modern desks just aren't your thing, keep your space classic with the luxurious typical from Sorrento. This full service line of high end wood veneer desks and storage components is second to none. Sorrento typicals like the ST5 are available in a choice of 2 designer finishes. The Sorrento wood veneer desk collection is an excellent option for both home and professional applications. These workstations must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. As an added bonus, Sorrento also offers a wide range of reception stations, boardroom tables, and more for your complimenting interiors.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Office Health: 5 Signs You're Sitting Incorrectly

5 Signs You're Sitting Incorrectly In Your Office Chair
Quality posture habits are invaluable in the workplace. They'll help you survive common office epidemics like fatigue and pain throughout task filled days. That being said, as you sit for long periods of time, even the best habits can suffer. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 5 key signs that indicate you're sit is in need of evaluating. Enjoy!

1.) Fatigue

Fatigue is ready, willing, and able to strike at any moment if you're not ready. If you arrive at work groggy and tired, fatigue is already affecting your performance. It's very important to get a good nights rest and eat a healthy breakfast to ensure you arrive at work with the energy needed to maintain good posture habits throughout the day. In the long run, without good energy and a quality start to your day, you can't lay the foundation for a successful sit.

2.) Back Pain

Back pain is another productivity killer that can be directly related to poor sitting habits. The odds are, if you're sitting incredibly you're back will eventually begin to hurt. Before attempting to change your sit, evaluate your current posture. Are you hushing forward and away from the back of your office chair to type and work at your desk? If so, this puts a lot of pressure on your spine that can cause back pain. To solve the problem, make it a point to sit upright and in-contact with your personal office task chair at all times when seated to enjoy its full ergonomic potential.

3.) Leg Cramping

When you sit for long periods of time, blood flow is restricted and leg cramping can become a negative factor in your work day. If you're fighting cramping in your legs, it's possible your chair is set too low or too high. You should be able to work from the seated position with your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. A minor height adjustment can make a big difference in your personal comfort. Additionally, if you're using the base of your office chair as a foot rest, this is a big no-no. This common bad habit of "perching" restricts blood flow that can lead to cramping. Be on the look out for this sign that indicates ergonomically correct sitting changes are needed.

4.) Wrist Pain

Wrist pain in the workplace is typically caused from typing at incorrect and unhealthy angles. This problem can be aided by adjusting the arms of your office chair. If your'e chair arms are set too low or high you'll be overstraining to type and compute throughout the day. Set your chair arms to an ergonomically correct setting that allows your forearms to rest flat against them when computing. This will help alleviate wrist pain.

Bonus Tip: If your'e still typing with your keyboard tray resting atop your work surface, it's time to make a switch. This old school operating habit can definitely lead to unnecessary wrist pain. These days, retractable keyboard trays that raise and lower are the industry standard. They'll help you increase usable desk space while simultaneously promoting healthy computing angles.

5.) Neck Stiffness

Last but certainly not least, neck stiffness is another sign that can indicate you're sitting incorrectly for extended periods of time. If the seat of your office chair is too low or high, you'll be looking up or down to type. This puts a lot of strain on your head and neck. To avoid the problem, adjust your chair to a setting that ensure your computer screens are at eye level. If this isn't possible with your current chair, consider upgrading or investing in an attachable monitor arm that provides you with the necessary adjustment capabilities to work with good posture in your office chair without suffering from neck pain.

In the long run, you should try to take a short break once every hour. Stand up from your office chair and get your blood flowing. Stretching at your desk is a great way to stay refreshed and energized. You can also take a walk around the office and hydrate. The moral of the story is, sitting for hours on end is bad. Avoid it at all costs! Professional workplace solutions like sit to stand desktop attachments and height adjustable desks are available to help if you can't find the time to step away from your work once per hour.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hot In July: Modern Guest Reception Seating

OFM Recoil ChairThe office design world is heating up this summer! Throughout the month we'll be showcasing the coolest product trends in our new series 'Hot In July' that should be considered for your remodeling projects. Today it's all about modern guest reception seating. Here we'll show you a variety of modern chairs for the reception area from industry innovators like OFM, Global, and iDesk. Prepare to be impressed!

OFM Recoil Chair

It doesn't get cooler than the Recoil chair from OFM. This fashionable modern reception chair with an easy to clean two tone upholstery and heavy duty frame that supports users up to 400 pounds is the total package. The OFM 841 model Recoil chair is currently available this season for $377.95. The side chairs from the OFM Uno collection perfectly compliment the Recoil and are definitely worth a look!

Modern Club Chair For The Guest Reception AreaOFM Contour Chair

Style and storage combine with the OFM model 880 Contour series club chair. This fashion forward guest reception seating solution boasts a mobilized base that makes it easy to reconfigure as needed. The Contour Club Chair from OFM is available in a choice of 5 quick shipping color options for $339.99 this summer.

Curved Wood Back Guest Chair with Metal LegsGlobal Marche Seating

The Global Marche guest reception seating collection blends modern and traditional design characteristics to perfection. The curved wood back side chairs with metal legs from the Marche line are like nothing on the market today. In addition to guest chairs, the Marche collection offers a variety of bar height stools that can be effectively paired with bistro tables to create fluidity throughout your interiors.

Global Wind SeatingGlobal Wind Seating

If you're going for a classic lounge chair and sofa combination with modern flair, check out the seating from the Global Wind collection this summer. These comfortable lounge style seating solutions provide exceptional quality and unrivaled attention to detail. Wind reception area components are available in a seemingly limitless array of upholstery options, thus making this collection a favorite of professional designers.

iDesk Oroblanco Side ChairiDesk Oroblanco Side Chair

Affordable, stylish, and comfortable! The modern reception area side chairs from the iDesk Oroblanco collection have it all. Popular models like the 403B boast breathable mesh backs, sturdy metal legs, and contoured seat edges that relieve knee pressure. The iDesk Oroblanco side chair is available starting at $207.60.

Charles Grande Leather Armchair with Metal TrimModway Charles Grande Chair

Last but certainly not least, give the EEI-565 model Charles Grande series armchair from Modway a look this summer if you're tackling a reception area makeover project. The Charles Grande chair is available in 3 quick shipping color options for $479.99. This upscale seating solution boasts thick padded seat cushions and a modern low-back design. Even at first glance you'll be drawn into the unique metal framing surrounding the side walls and back of the chair. Rest assured, this is one modern reception chair that's ready, willing, and able to earn your space the compliments it deserves for years to come.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Sit To Stand Solutions For The Healthy Worker

Ergonomic Stool for Stand Up DesksIf you're looking to stay healthy at work, the products showcased in today's post are a must see. Here we'll be checking out awesome sit to stand solutions from brands like OFM, Systematix, and ESI that provide exceptional benefits. From perch stools to height adjustable desks, these cutting edge office products are ready for the demands of the modern work day.

First up, the 2800 model OFM Vivo Perch stool that tilts and rotates to provide unrivaled versatility. We love this innovative new sit to stand stool as it provides a cool modern look and won't break the bank. At just $156.99, the Vivo is hard to beat. This cutting edge ergo stool pairs perfectly with just about any height adjustable workstation you're considering for your space.

Volante Desktop AttachmentYou'll also want to check out the Volante sit to stand work surface in white! It's built incredibly well and ready for everyday use. Most of today's sit to stand attachments are a bit plain and do little to improve the look of your space. On the other hand, the white Volante riser is ready to provide your space with plenty of wow factor. This user friendly attachment mounts in just minutes. At $299.99, the Volante is an absolute winner that's ready to keep you working healthy throughout the toughest work days.

ESI Dual Screen Ergorise StationNext up, the Ergorise dual screen sit to stand attachment from the team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions. This cutting edge office addition will improve the rate at which you compute without taking up a ton of usable desk surface space. The CLIMB2-SLV Ergorise attachment clamps to the back of just about any work surface. This dual screen sit to stand attachment even features a keyboard tray with a comfy palm rest.

Mayline RGE Height Adjustable WorkstationIf you're looking for a stand alone desk with sit to stand capabilities you can't go wrong with the Mayline RGE collection. This line of heavy duty ergonomic furniture is built to last. Mayline RGE workstations raise and lower at the push of a button for ease of use. Multiple sizes and finish options are available to compliment your decor. RGE workstations are perfect for private office, classroom, and professional training environments.

Balance 3 Sit To Stand Keyboard AttachmentLast but not least, you can't go wrong with a Balance 3 keyboard tray from Symmetry Office. These units are great for both home and business use. With a Balance 3 sit to stand keyboard attachment you can get the whole family computing healthy. As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, even the simplest of products like the Balance 3 provide undeniable benefits. The $225.99 you'll spend to acquire the Balance 3 will be well invested. This versatile typing solution with a mouse platform is far better than standard retractable units that don't adjust.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Office Couture: Fashionable Sofas, Chairs, and Tables For The Waiting Room

Global Wind Linear FurnitureA fashionable waiting room will do wonders for your business. You'll be able to kick corporate appeal into overdrive and leave a lasting impression on your valued guests. Today on 'Office Couture' we'll highlight designer sofas, visitor chairs, and accent tables that are up to the desk. Rest assured, the furniture solutions showcased here from brands like Global, Mayline, and Modway are sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

When it comes to lobby, lounge, and waiting room furniture, Global knows their stuff. This innovative manufacturer takes pride in crafting trend setting collections that are ready to rock your remodel. This year, Global lines like Wind Linear are a must consider. This full service collection of contemporary sofas, ottoman benches, and waiting room side tables will allow you to get creative with your space. Wind Linear offers modular capabilities that make it easy to think outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair configurations.

Global Vitrola Chair
Just last week Global unveiled their newest line, Vitrola. This mid century furniture collection for the waiting room was a real head-turner at NeoCon. Vitrola chairs offer high backs and smooth arm curves that are complimented by well padded surfaces and classic wood legs. This swanky new line can be used to show off your design ingenuity without being too over the top. Vitrola is well rounded, classy, and elite!

Mayline Santa Cruz FurnitureMayline has made it their mission to improve the guest experience with furniture collections like Santa Cruz. This popular line of sofas and lounge chairs with tablet arms provides an exceptional combination of appeal and comfort. If you're going for a trendy look, we recommend Santa Cruz components upholstered in Almond leather. They're stunning!

Mayline Mercado Side ChairIf you want to blend modern and contemporary vibes, look no further than popular Mayline chairs like the VSC7A. This Mercado collection wood side chair features an espresso finished frame that's complimented by a cream leather upholstery. The VSC7A is sold in affordable 2 packs for just $599.99.

Contemporary Glass Coffee TableWhen it comes to waiting room accent tables, Modway has you covered. This respected brand offers more than 40 options to consider for your space. One of our favorites, the Prism is nothing short of a winner. This glass top coffee table with metal legs offers a distinctively modern look that's sure to add wow factor to any project. It's also a bargain buy at just $255.99.

OFM Beam ChairTired of the same old chair styles? Mix things up with beam seating from the OFM Net Collection. These heavy duty chairs can be used both indoors and out. Net series waiting room beam chairs are available in 7 quick shipping color options and a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs.

OFM Morph SofaThe team at OFM also crafts some of the most innovative sofas on the market today. Their 2202 model Morph sofa must be tested in person to be fully appreciated. With a flip up privacy panel, visitors can get a little work done while the wait. As an added bonus, this high tech OFM office sofa features USB and AC inputs in the arm. Talk about tech savvy!

Woodstock Harden Side TableLast but certainly not least, you'll definitely want to check out the mid century modern accent tables and coffee tables available this season from Woodstock Marketing. The Harden in particular is a staff favorite. This polished end table with a white marble top is clean, sophisticated, and easy to pair with just about any furniture finish you can think of.

This designer table offers a luxurious mid century look that's sure to keep your space on trend and wowing guests from the minute they walk in. The Harden table makes a statement without overpowering your space, and that's just what you want from your side tables!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Furniture Face Off: Desktop Risers Vs. Sit To Stand Desks

Sit To Stand WorkstationAdjustable Desktop RiserCan you hear the Rocky music playing? We sure can! Today on Furniture Face Off we've got a battle between two industry heavyweights. In a world where desktop risers and sit to stand desks have taken over the market, we're here to find out which is the better option for the modern work day. Here we'll compare these two popular ergonomic products in a 4 round bought to see which reigns supreme. Let's get this thing started!

Round 1: Health Benefits

Work Healthy At A Standing DeskBoth desktop risers and sit to stand desks provide exceptional health benefits. The ability to quickly switch between sit-down and stand-up operating positions will help you avoid the risks associated with extended tasking sessions from the seated position.

As you sit for long periods of time, even good posture habits will start to slip. When this happen, your body pays the price. Blood flow is restricted, physical strain sets in, and pain is soon to follow. That being said, round 1 is a tie as both desktop risers and sit to stand workstations offer the same great health benefits for workers.
White Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment
Round 2: Appeal

Desktop risers are very noticeable as they sit right on top of your work surface. They look futuristic, but won't do much to improve the look of your space. Many skip the purchase of a desktop riser as they feel they're eyesores regardless of the health benefits they provide. Have no fear though, today's top ergonomic furniture manufacturers like Systematix are improving upon this issue with ultra cool white desktop risers like the Volante that won't take away from the vibe of your interior.

Modern Sit To Stand Executive DeskOn the other hand, adjustable height desks are ready, willing, and able to blend in. They're high tech and incognito. In terms of appeal, this is better than standing out in a way that doesn't work with the furniture in your space.

All things considered, sit to stand desks are probably a better option if you're looking to create a high class interior. They're available in multiple finish options that won't take anything away from your upscale furniture.

Clamp On Sit To Stand Work Surface AttachmentRound 3: Price

One of biggest differences between desktop risers and sit to stand desks is going to be price. The average desktop riser can be purchased for around $300.00. Alternatively, many of today's popular sit to stand desks cost upwards of $100.00. This makes Round 3 an easy win for the traditional desktop riser. With health benefits being very comparable, shoppers looking to go ergo on a budget can't go wrong saving the extra money they'd spend on an electronic sit to stand desk by opting for a desktop riser.

Electronic WorkstationsRound 4: Functionality

With today's Face Off all tied up, it comes down to functionality as it should. Let us start by saying that both desktop risers and sit to stand desk are very easy to use. A desktop riser will work with just about any operating surface imaginable. They take about 30 minutes to install, with most of this time spent re-routing your computer and keyboard tray wires. Desktop risers can also be moved quickly and efficiently as needed to ergo-fy any interior.

On the other hand, sit to stand desks won't typically be moved around a lot. They're simply too heavy. That being said, they do raise and lower at the push of a button to improve operational functionality. They're fast, effective, and very user friendly.

So who reigns supreme in the functionality round you ask? We're giving a slight edge to the desktop riser. Electronic desks that raise and lower are awesome, but they're based on cost vs. reward, it would be shame to rob today's desktop risers of a win. They're very user friendly and more practical for the average worker looking to make their interior ergonomically correct.

Desktop Risers vs. Sit To Stand DesksWinner:  Desktop Risers

After 4 hard fought rounds and careful consideration, we feel comfortable giving the desktop riser a win. While sit to stand desks are preferred for high tech intensive interiors an executive environments, the desktop riser is the better option for the blue collar worker. Risers are very affordable, easy to use, and suitable for the home and business.

We recommend improving your space with a desktop riser before investing in a sit to stand desk. Popular options like the Volante from Systematix and 5100 model from OFM are simply awesome. If you feel you're using one of these tools effectively and enjoying the benefits it provides, you might want to invest in a more spacious sit to stand desk.