Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Must Have Products For Your Ergonomic Arsenal

To be at your best in the workplace, you need a variety of ergonomically correct tools to help you remain productive and comfortable. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll be highlighting 5 awesome ergonomic products that are sure to do just that. From a responsive office chair to a retractable CPU holder, we'll showcase the must have components for your ergo arsenal.

1.) Responsive Chair

Responsive Office Chair That Mimics Movement

Office comfort starts with the chair. A high quality office chair will lay the foundation for an ergonomically correct interior that's built for healthy operating. That being said, responsive office chairs are the way of the future. They minimize the ergonomic learning curve by doing the adjusting for you. A responsive office chair with an articulating back like the 2710L Shadow chair from Global will flex in response to your activity to encourage ongoing postural movement and small muscle activity throughout intensive work days. Alternative options include Global's 6671-2 Arti chair, Mayline's Living chair, and the Verte chair from RFM Preferred Seating.

2.) Sit To Stand Riser

Sit To Stand Work Surface Attachment

The sit to stand ergonomic office furniture revolution is in full swing. We've learned that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. This means it's a good idea to spend a little time each day working from the standing position, especially if hourly breaks just aren't practical. This year, brands like Systematix and OFM have crafted professional grade work surface attachments that raise and lower to promote sit to stand operating and continuous muscle movement. Sit to stand risers are great for both home and business use.

3.) Dual Monitor System

Dual Monitor Arm Attachment

It's time to step outside the limitations of a single screen operating system. With a two screen monitor arm attachment you'll instantly create more usable desk space while simultaneously cutting down on the time spent flipping between the open tabs in your browser. Dual monitor arms from brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions will also allow you to raise your computer screens to eye level where they belong to reduce visual strain and neck pain.

4.) Articulating Keyboard Platform

Articulating Keyboard Platform

If you're still working with your keyboard tray sitting atop your work surface, it's time for a change. Articulating keyboards that attach underneath the desk will help you compute healthy and efficiently while simultaneously creating additional desk space. Articulating keyboard trays encourage correct computing angles that reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These days, you can't afford to work without one!

5.) Retractable CPU Holder

CPU Holder That Mounts Under The Desk

Last but certainly not least, you'll definitely want to add a retractable CPU holder to your ergonomic arsenal. The ability to get your computer power source up off the ground will protect it from flood damage and even theft. As it sits now,  your CPU is likely taking up a ton of floor space. You've probably even banged your legs on it once or twice. With a retractable CPU holder that mounts under the desk surface you'll be able to create more usable space while providing yourself with easier access to regularly used USB and data inputs.

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