Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Sit To Stand Solutions For The Healthy Worker

Ergonomic Stool for Stand Up DesksIf you're looking to stay healthy at work, the products showcased in today's post are a must see. Here we'll be checking out awesome sit to stand solutions from brands like OFM, Systematix, and ESI that provide exceptional benefits. From perch stools to height adjustable desks, these cutting edge office products are ready for the demands of the modern work day.

First up, the 2800 model OFM Vivo Perch stool that tilts and rotates to provide unrivaled versatility. We love this innovative new sit to stand stool as it provides a cool modern look and won't break the bank. At just $156.99, the Vivo is hard to beat. This cutting edge ergo stool pairs perfectly with just about any height adjustable workstation you're considering for your space.

Volante Desktop AttachmentYou'll also want to check out the Volante sit to stand work surface in white! It's built incredibly well and ready for everyday use. Most of today's sit to stand attachments are a bit plain and do little to improve the look of your space. On the other hand, the white Volante riser is ready to provide your space with plenty of wow factor. This user friendly attachment mounts in just minutes. At $299.99, the Volante is an absolute winner that's ready to keep you working healthy throughout the toughest work days.

ESI Dual Screen Ergorise StationNext up, the Ergorise dual screen sit to stand attachment from the team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions. This cutting edge office addition will improve the rate at which you compute without taking up a ton of usable desk surface space. The CLIMB2-SLV Ergorise attachment clamps to the back of just about any work surface. This dual screen sit to stand attachment even features a keyboard tray with a comfy palm rest.

Mayline RGE Height Adjustable WorkstationIf you're looking for a stand alone desk with sit to stand capabilities you can't go wrong with the Mayline RGE collection. This line of heavy duty ergonomic furniture is built to last. Mayline RGE workstations raise and lower at the push of a button for ease of use. Multiple sizes and finish options are available to compliment your decor. RGE workstations are perfect for private office, classroom, and professional training environments.

Balance 3 Sit To Stand Keyboard AttachmentLast but not least, you can't go wrong with a Balance 3 keyboard tray from Symmetry Office. These units are great for both home and business use. With a Balance 3 sit to stand keyboard attachment you can get the whole family computing healthy. As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, even the simplest of products like the Balance 3 provide undeniable benefits. The $225.99 you'll spend to acquire the Balance 3 will be well invested. This versatile typing solution with a mouse platform is far better than standard retractable units that don't adjust.

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