Friday, July 7, 2017

5 Trendy Ways To Revamp Your Personal Workspace

If your office interior is in need of a facelift, we've got you covered. Today on the blog we'll highlight trendy products from brands like OFM, ESI, and Modway that promote high end appeal while simultaneously boosting productivity. From desktop risers to fashionable office accents, we're ready to help you rock your revamp!

1.) Desktop Riser

White Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment

There's no hotter product in the office world than the desktop riser. Nearly every reputable manufacturer is now offering some form of attachable sit to stand solution that eliminates the need for extended and unhealthy sitting sessions. The problem is, most of today's sit to stand risers are a bit boring. They're clunky, black, and do little to enhance the overall look of your space. Until now! Brands like OFM and Systematix have introduced fashionable new risers in white that will help you work smart while simultaneously creating cool and cutting edge vibes.

2.) Multi Screen System

Multi Screen Operating System

If one screen is good, two is better! With a multi screen operating system you'll instantly improve the rate at which you compute by cutting down the time spent flipping back and forth between tabs. More importantly, you'll be able to create additional desk space that can be used to make your interior feel more open. The adjustment capabilities provided by a multi screen system will also allow you to raise your screens to eye level where they belong to reduce the visual strain and neck pain associated with looking down at your monitors to work.

3.) Mid Century Office Chair

Mid Century Office Chair

The mid century look is hot in 2017! You can jump on board with this trend with a fashionable new office chair from a brand like Modway that will also keep you working comfortably throughout task filled work days. The best part is, Modway chairs are super affordable and well made. This means you can revamp your interior without breaking the bank while simultaneously improving your sit. Popular mid century modern computer chairs for the home and business like the Sage from Modway are available for just $178.99 and sure to make your space pop!

4.) Gray Office Furniture

Fashionable Gray Office Furniture

If your office furniture is a bit out dated and in need of replacing, you can't go wrong with gray! Collections like Medina and Sterling from Mayline are the way to go. They offer modern-coastal characteristics that will earn your interior the compliments it deserves. The best selling desks from the Medina collection are cost effective and upscale. Sterling workstations are a bit higher end and perfect for the executive that wants a cutting edge look without being too over the top.

5.) Fashionable Accents

Cool Succulents For The Office

No full scale office revamp is complete without a few fashionable accents! When updating your space, it's best to start small. We recommend starting by removing those old school faux plants and replacing them with ultra hip succulents. They're easy to maintain and don't require a lot of water or natural light to survive. You can also accent your office interior with cool lighting fixtures and wall art. Do your best to find unique pieces from your local antique store, swap meet, and farmers market.

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