Monday, July 17, 2017

Furniture Face Off: Desktop Risers Vs. Sit To Stand Desks

Sit To Stand WorkstationAdjustable Desktop RiserCan you hear the Rocky music playing? We sure can! Today on Furniture Face Off we've got a battle between two industry heavyweights. In a world where desktop risers and sit to stand desks have taken over the market, we're here to find out which is the better option for the modern work day. Here we'll compare these two popular ergonomic products in a 4 round bought to see which reigns supreme. Let's get this thing started!

Round 1: Health Benefits

Work Healthy At A Standing DeskBoth desktop risers and sit to stand desks provide exceptional health benefits. The ability to quickly switch between sit-down and stand-up operating positions will help you avoid the risks associated with extended tasking sessions from the seated position.

As you sit for long periods of time, even good posture habits will start to slip. When this happen, your body pays the price. Blood flow is restricted, physical strain sets in, and pain is soon to follow. That being said, round 1 is a tie as both desktop risers and sit to stand workstations offer the same great health benefits for workers.
White Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment
Round 2: Appeal

Desktop risers are very noticeable as they sit right on top of your work surface. They look futuristic, but won't do much to improve the look of your space. Many skip the purchase of a desktop riser as they feel they're eyesores regardless of the health benefits they provide. Have no fear though, today's top ergonomic furniture manufacturers like Systematix are improving upon this issue with ultra cool white desktop risers like the Volante that won't take away from the vibe of your interior.

Modern Sit To Stand Executive DeskOn the other hand, adjustable height desks are ready, willing, and able to blend in. They're high tech and incognito. In terms of appeal, this is better than standing out in a way that doesn't work with the furniture in your space.

All things considered, sit to stand desks are probably a better option if you're looking to create a high class interior. They're available in multiple finish options that won't take anything away from your upscale furniture.

Clamp On Sit To Stand Work Surface AttachmentRound 3: Price

One of biggest differences between desktop risers and sit to stand desks is going to be price. The average desktop riser can be purchased for around $300.00. Alternatively, many of today's popular sit to stand desks cost upwards of $100.00. This makes Round 3 an easy win for the traditional desktop riser. With health benefits being very comparable, shoppers looking to go ergo on a budget can't go wrong saving the extra money they'd spend on an electronic sit to stand desk by opting for a desktop riser.

Electronic WorkstationsRound 4: Functionality

With today's Face Off all tied up, it comes down to functionality as it should. Let us start by saying that both desktop risers and sit to stand desk are very easy to use. A desktop riser will work with just about any operating surface imaginable. They take about 30 minutes to install, with most of this time spent re-routing your computer and keyboard tray wires. Desktop risers can also be moved quickly and efficiently as needed to ergo-fy any interior.

On the other hand, sit to stand desks won't typically be moved around a lot. They're simply too heavy. That being said, they do raise and lower at the push of a button to improve operational functionality. They're fast, effective, and very user friendly.

So who reigns supreme in the functionality round you ask? We're giving a slight edge to the desktop riser. Electronic desks that raise and lower are awesome, but they're based on cost vs. reward, it would be shame to rob today's desktop risers of a win. They're very user friendly and more practical for the average worker looking to make their interior ergonomically correct.

Desktop Risers vs. Sit To Stand DesksWinner:  Desktop Risers

After 4 hard fought rounds and careful consideration, we feel comfortable giving the desktop riser a win. While sit to stand desks are preferred for high tech intensive interiors an executive environments, the desktop riser is the better option for the blue collar worker. Risers are very affordable, easy to use, and suitable for the home and business.

We recommend improving your space with a desktop riser before investing in a sit to stand desk. Popular options like the Volante from Systematix and 5100 model from OFM are simply awesome. If you feel you're using one of these tools effectively and enjoying the benefits it provides, you might want to invest in a more spacious sit to stand desk.

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