Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hot In July: Articulating Chairs, Adjustable Desks, and More!

The summer season is in fully swing and the top furniture manufacturers are hard at work crafting innovative new products designed to improve corporate comfort and productivity. In our new series 'Hot In July' we'll take a look at trendy new office chairs with articulating backs, adjustable height desks, and much more. Prepare to be impressed!

Articulating Office ChairAdjusting your office chair multiple times throughout the day can be a pain. It's time consuming, and often skipped all together by workers who take a "set it and forget it" approach to chair performance. Top brands like Global knew they needed to come up with a solution to the problem. The answer was the articulating chair. New seating solutions that mimic user movements to reduce the need for constant adjusting are finally here. Popular options like the 6673-2 Arti chair provide exceptional support. This ergonomic task chair with an articulating back mimics the spine and senses user weight to ensure good posture and a healthy operating experience.

Sit To Stand Executive DeskAdjustable height desks and workstations are incredibly popular. They offer awesome health benefits and a cutting edge modern look that's sure to enhance your workspace. Most importantly, height adjustable desks help avoid the need for extended siting sessions that can cause good posture habits to suffer while restricting to blood flow. Height adjustable executive desks from popular Mayline furniture collections like Sterling and Medina are a must consider. To the naked eye they seem like traditional U shaped stations, but at the push of a button the bridge section that connects the front desk and credenza provides the worker with sit to stand capabilities.

ESI Ergorise WorkstationIf you're not ready to invest in a fancy new executive office desk with an adjustable height bridge, you can retrofit your existing workstation to achieve the benefits of sit to stand operating. The Ergorise dual screen attachment from ESI Ergonomic Solutions is the perfect option. This advanced ergo add-on is versatile, user friendly, and incredibly well made. The Ergorise works with just about any work surface and even boasts a handy keyboard platform that encourages healthy typing.

Height Adjustable Desk SurfaceThe most cost effective option for workers looking to make the switch to a sit to stand system is the desktop riser. Rest assured, options like the Volante from Systematix are Hot In July! At just $299.99, the Volante is an absolute bargain that will help you conquer the modern work day.

Vivo Perch StoolOFM is never at a shortage of hot new office products. Take one look at their Vivo perch stool and you'll quickly see what we mean. This ergonomic task stool that swivels and tilts is the perfect partner for your stand up desk. The Vivo is comfortable, light weight, and easy to transport. For just $156.99, the Vivo can be yours in a choice of 5 cool color options.

Bungee SL Collaborative TablesGlobal table collections like Bungee SL are taking over the work floor. Sure traditional cubicle systems will always be needed for privacy. That being said, upstart businesses looking to spark creativity and team interaction are investing in collaborative office table configurations from lines like Bungee SL. These ultra versatile tables are easy to use, super stylish, and great for emerging companies that love to keep the ideas flowing among employees.

Tablet Arm Lounge ChairLast but certainly not least, you can't go wrong with tablet arm chairs. They'll provide you with the ability to improve the guest experience in a flash. Tablet arm chairs like the VCCMT from the Mayline Santa Cruz collection are distinctively modern, sophisticated, comfortable, and versatile. What more could you ask for? In addition to the Santa Cruz tablet arm lounge chair from Mayline you'll find an abundance of alternative options from reputable brands like OFM, Global, and Flash Furniture. Tablet arm chairs have even made their way to the private office and training room. This is one trend that will be hot for a very long time!

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