Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mayline ML Tables Offer Exceptional Workplace Benefits!

Mayline ML Tables
The team at Mayline is ready, willing, and able to help you kick ergonomic functionality and corporate appeal into high gear with the height adjustable tables from their ML collection. This line of collaborative sit to stand furniture is great for single and multi user applications. Today on the blog we'll review the ML collection and it's unique benefits.

Mayline ML Height Adjustable TablesMayline ML tables are distinctively modern. With clean lines and metal legs, the height adjustable work tables from this collection offer an industrial vibe. If you're planning to invest in ergonomic furniture, you'll no doubt want to use it regularly. That's where the ML collection excels. These tables are built to last and ready for the demands of the modern workplace.

You'll love ML tables for their collaborative capabilities. The ability to create ergonomically correct multi user workstations will help your business kick productivity levels into high gear.

Collaborative Height Adjustable Work Tables
While traditional high wall panel furniture systems are great for privacy, collaborative tables are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of growing businesses as they keep workers engaged with one another. With a collaborative table layout from the ML collection, the creative ideas will be flowing and your valued employees will be working healthy at the same time.

That's not to say you can't create privacy with an ML table configuration. You can! This tables from this innovative line are available with surface level modesty panels that reduce noise and create just the right amount of privacy without sacrificing your collaborative efforts.

TableLet's get into the specifics, shall we? ML tables were designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace. They reduce the need for extended sitting sessions that can cause serious health problems. All ML tables feature heavy duty steel legs and 1 1/8" thick scratch resistant laminate surfaces that are able to support up to 220 pounds and still raise to standing height.

ML collaborative ergonomic tables are available in a variety of surface shapes from rectangular to wedge. The 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor draws a maximum of 3 amps and allows the table to adjust in height at .75" per second via a simple control switch.

Feeling a little confused? Don't be. To simplify, the height adjustable tables from the Mayline ML collection are easy to use and operate. They won't let you down when you need them most because they're well built and heavy duty. Rest assured, Mayline's attention to detail is second to none.

Mayline ML Sit To Stand Work SurfacesMayline ML tables are high tech, and yes they're a bit pricey. Stand alone ML tables like the 5222448H are available starting at just under seven hundred bucks. This 48" x 24" height adjustable work table and its counter parts are available in 9 finish options that pair great with silver bases. Larger ML workstations like the 53346LLH provide feature L shaped surfaces and lots of operating space. They're available for under $1300.00.

Mayline ML Group Workstation with Monitor ArmsML tables are great on their own, but with a few ergonomic accessories they can really take performance to the next level. Mayline has crafted awesome monitor arms and complimenting upgrades that should be considered for any business considering the tables from this collection.

It's hard to beat the tables from the ML collection. They provide exceptional ergonomic benefits while simultaneously boosting collaboration. These heavy duty workstations are available with the full range of accessories needed to keep your employees at their best. If you're ready make the jump into ergonomics, this high tech line of furniture is ready to have your back!

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