Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Product Showcase: Global Conference Room Tables

Global Conference and Boardroom Table CollectionsThe team at Global is ready, willing, and able to take your conference room to the next level. Their array of table collections make it easy to streamline operational functionality while simultaneously kicking collaborative efforts into high gear. Today on 'Product Showcase' we'll highlight 5 of our favorite table lines from this industry leader. Prepare to be impressed!


Global Bungee Table Configuration

The tables from the Global Bungee collection are all about versatility. This line of connectable tables makes it easy to transition between conference and training applications. Bungee tables offer flip top capabilities that allow them to be nested along office walls when not in use. A set of Bungee tables from Global will allow you to maximize your available square footage and combine two common office areas into one. Bungee sets like the BXK132S offer everything you need to create a cutting edge conference room.


Global Zira Conference Table with Power

Looking to power up your conference room to streamline your strategizing sessions? Go with a  high tech table from the Zira collection. With multiple sizes and shapes to choose from, you'll have no problem personalizing your interior. Global's Zira tables are available with advanced surface level modules that can be daisy-chained together for efficiency. Input options like USB, AC, Ethernet, and Phone are all offered to meet your specific boardroom needs.


Global Junction V Shaped Conference Table

The tables from the Global Junction collection make it easy to think outside the box with your interiors. These connectable tables offer modular capabilities unmatched by competing lines. Rest assured, Junction's versatility is second to none. With laminate surfaces and metal legs, Junction components are built to last. More than 20 attractive finish options are available to add a little flair to your conference room.


It's all in the name! The team at Global has made it their mission to provide your business with limitless capabilities in the conference room. The Connectables line of modular office tables makes it easy to promote collaboration and team interaction. These high class tables can be used to create unique shapes that maximize productivity. Shared leg layouts provide a ton of leg space and make it easy to maximize the number of guests that can be seated around the table surfaces.


Global Alba Conference Table with Elliptical Top

Last but certainly not least, budgeting shoppers will definitely want to check out the tables from the Global Alba collection. This high fashion line offers classic surface variations like oval and rectangular. That being said, if you really want to earn your conference room the compliments it deserves, we recommend an elliptical top conference table from the Alba line. They're unique, sleek, and cost effective. With metal legs, you can rest assured these tables are ready for the demands of the modern workplace. Alba tables combine modern and industrial characteristics to make them the best option on the market for budgeting businesses.

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