Monday, July 24, 2017

Product Showcase: Mayline Executive Typicals

When you don't want to configure a new office space piece by piece, turn to the executive typicals from Mayline! This industry leader has made it their mission to simplify the office remodeling process with hundreds of fashionable workstations from more than 10 collections. Mayline's desks are second to none and ready to keep your interiors up to date with today's hottest trends. Let's take a look at a few of their most popular options in this edition of Product Showcase!

Executive Desk with A Sit To Stand BridgeLet's kick things off with a typical from Mayline's newest office furniture collection, Sterling. The STL37H2 Sterling layout is a true standout in an industry filled with U shaped desk variations. This elite workstation boasts a height adjustable connecting bridge that promotes constant movement in the office and reduces the need for extended sitting sessions that can be damaging to your health. This high tech executive office desk is available in 3 attractive finish options.

White Medina DeskIt's hard to beat the office furniture from the Mayline Medina collection. This full service line has become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Medina typicals are available in 5 finish options for interiors of any size. We particularly love the MNT40 Medina U shaped desk typical as it's affordable, spacious, and distinctively modern. This popular typical is available in 5 finishes including Textured Sea Salt that will help you create a cool coastal vibe with your makeover.

Mayline Aberdeen Executive TypicalThe Aberdeen collection has been a market favorite for almost 10 years. In a world where furniture collections don't typically stand the test of time, Aberdeen has reigned supreme. The typicals from the Mayline Aberdeen collection are cost effective and stylish. This year Mayline gave the Aberdeen collection a sense of renewed vigor with trendy new finish option known as Gray Steel. This modern woodgrain tone has taken the furniture world by storm. Popular executive wall desk typicals like the AT22 are a must consider in this trendy gray finish.

Mayline e5 Quick Ship TypicalGoing for a modern-industrial vibe? Check out the all new quick ship typicals from the Mayline e5 collection for your project. Once considered a line specifically designed for custom applications, the popularity of e5 opened Mayline's eyes to it's true potential. This collection now offers more than 30 pre packaged typicals that really rock. Popular options like the e5k1 are available starting at just $819.99. This layout for a small office has everything you need to stay organized, in style, and efficient on a budget.

Mayline ST5 Sorrento TypicalThus far we've focused on Mayline's modern typical collections. That being said, we thought we'd wrap up today's post with a line for the traditionalists. If today's modern desks just aren't your thing, keep your space classic with the luxurious typical from Sorrento. This full service line of high end wood veneer desks and storage components is second to none. Sorrento typicals like the ST5 are available in a choice of 2 designer finishes. The Sorrento wood veneer desk collection is an excellent option for both home and professional applications. These workstations must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. As an added bonus, Sorrento also offers a wide range of reception stations, boardroom tables, and more for your complimenting interiors.

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