Tuesday, August 1, 2017

5 Clever Ways To Boost Office Comfort

Getting comfortable shouldn't be a headache. With the right combination of habits and ergonomic accessories you'll be able to operate at peak performance levels in no time. That's where we come in! Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we'll teach you 5 clever ways to boost comfort in a flash.

Get To Know Your Office Chair1.) Master Your Office Chair

First things first, you'll need to get to know the ergonomic task chair that's in your office. If you're sitting in a second hand chair that you didn't select, you're not out of luck. Flip the chair out to find the model number and who it's made by. Once you've acquired this info, give the manufacturer a call to see if they can email you a copy of the owner's manual. With the manual you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the chair's features and capabilities. Once you know your office chair, you can get the most out of it. Using your chair adjustment features regularly will help you adapt at a moments notice to remain comfortable.

*If you can't get an owners manual for your particular chair, do a search online for demo videos and reviews. They can be very helpful.

Helpful Office Posture Tip Chart2.) Print Out A Posture Chart

Committing a ton of different posture tips to memory can be tough. Minimize the brain work by going online and printing out a chart that has them listed. This can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Believe it or not, studies have shown that workers who post posture charts within eyesight of their computer screen report positive results. The more you look at the posture chart, the more you'll subconsciously start to incorporate the tips it has listed. You'll be able sit healthy in your office chair in no time!

Sit To Stand Desk Attachment3.) Invest In A Sit To Stand Work Surface Attachment

Integrating a height adjustable work surface attachment into your office space is just plain smart. It will provide you with the ability to work sitting down or standing up throughout the day. Why is this important? Because even the best posture habits break down after you sit for hours on end. If taking a short break once an hour isn't realistic (and it isn't for most) then a sit to stand desk attachment is the way to go. Brands like OFM and Systematix offer some of the best options on the market and they won't break the bank.

Clamp On Monitor Mount4.) Get Your Monitors To Eye Level

Moving right along, you'll want to get your computer screens raised up to eye level. If your screen is still sitting atop your office desk on the factory base, the odds are you're looking down when typing. This bad habit puts a lot of strain on your head and neck. Over the long haul, this can have you dealing with unnecessary pain. To avoid the problem, pick up your computer and slide a shoebox or a stack of books underneath. If you want to keep things a bit more stylish and professional, you can invest in a dual screen monitor arm that clamps onto the desk to improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously reducing visual strain.

5.) Compute At Healthy Angles
Articulating Keyboard Platform

Last but not least, you can boost office comfort by computing at healthy angles. To do this, you'll need to get your keyboard off the work surface. An articulating keyboard platform that mounts underneath the desk is the way to go. It will instantly provide you with additional operating space. It will also provide you with the ability to fight back against common office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In the long run, to be comfortable at work you need a combination of good habits, ample operating space, and ergonomic computer hardware that's up to date with today's standards. When it comes down to it, their are plenty of clever ways to get comfortable in the workplace. You just have to be proactive and willing to change.

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